These Boots Were Made For Walking

On July 20, 1969 Buzz Aldrin was riding in a small and cramped space ship, a shuttle craft that was designed to lower a small crew from a larger craft orbiting the Moon.  This craft lowered itself with rockets blasting downward so as to slow its descent.  Bumps and sudden small movements, a small light coming on — these signaled a most significant event.  Man had reached and landed on Earth’s Moon for the first time.

A nation, the world, watched this event through a video feed.  It took a period of time before the crew shut down the engines, checked the ship’s functions and prepared to leave the ship.  The cramped quarters dictated who would leave the moon-lander first.  Buzz Aldrin followed Neil Armstrong down the ladder, the second human to set foot on the Moon.  Video showed dust being kicked up as they walked about, great leaps were made due to the lower gravity.  This was a date to remember.  Aldrin’s chart for this date is shown below — a progressed angles daily chart, the angles progressed from his prior precession-corrected Solar Return chart, with the natal chart inside, the transits shown in the outer wheel.  The chart is cast for the departure location, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The MC-IC axis of this chart (24 Sag., 24 Gemini) has no angular planets while the Asc.-Desc. axis is marked by Ascendant and t/N.Node opposing Pluto.  If we quote Ebertin’s “The Combination of Stellar Influences”  we find, “The sharing of the same destiny together with other people – the tendency to enter into unusual associations.”  This book is the result of extraordinary research covering decades in the early 1900’s by the astrologers of the “Hamburg, Germany school”, and written by Reinhold Ebertin.  I would venture to say that this is the most-purchased book in astrological history.   The phrasing for this three-element combination is very apt to the situation.

Of note in the chart, but not angular, is the t/Sun approaching opposition to n/Sun and a close (27 minutes of arc) opposition to n/Venus.  This was a thrilling moment when great perspective and clarity of his role in this accomplishment was experienced.  With Venus, the planet of balance and harmony, involved Aldrin saw an achievement of a life time under his feet as he looked at Earth in the “sky” above him.

If we play astrological hopscotch, we find the t/N.Node’s natal version (at 7 Taurus) in contact by t/Saturn.  t/Saturn and n/N.Node points to a highly structured and planned experience with others.  If we were to view this through the natal chart’s 9th house, we would say that this experience with others occurred in a far-away or foreign place, an apt description of the Moon.  We might note t/Pluto’s natal version at 18 Cancer opposite n/Mars which paints an indication of great perseverance and push to accomplish tasks.   We might link this to t/Mars square n/Neptune, fighting to achieve a dream.  Can we imagine the adrenalin-flow in the astronauts as they felt the excitement of the moment, the relief in having made a safe landing, the worry about being able to lift off and return to earth, the curiosity of  awaited them outside the hatch of the lunar-lander?   This “hopscotch” process is one way in which we can add more supportive insights into the chart to reflect the components of the subject’s experience.



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