Obama & Supreme Court’s Health Care Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court has had the difficult task of ruling on the Health Care issue brought before it last March.  How much of those hundreds of pages of rules, policies and definitions of services have they been able or willing to review and to act upon?  Not much.  The problem has been as much as how to decide what to rule upon as it was what to rule on.

Barack Obama has a personal and Presidential stake in the predicted June 19th Court announcement.  I thought it might be interesting to look at Barack Obama’s daily chart for this date to see what his personal attitude, actions and situation will be on this particular date.  Keep in mind that this chart (below) is not the Health Care Act, it is not the Supreme Court ruling, it is Obama’s chart only.   As an astrologer, it is obvious that I do not fear to tread where angles fear to go.

Those who have visited this site in the last few days may have wondered where the chart was.  I found it, and the text following it, to be missing.  This chart has Obama’s natal chart in the inner ring, the transits for June 19, 2012 (my predicted date for the Supreme Court’s announcement on their finding on the health care bill) are shown within the outer wheel.  The outer wheel is the Progressed Daily Angles and Transit chart derived from the Health Care Act’s signing date/time.  

The June 19th Sun/Moon is in a New Moon phase, located in the daily chart’s 9th house at 28 & 29 Gemini, roughly square the natal/transiting Mars conjunction at 22 Virgo.  This interesting pattern can be broken down:  Sun/Moon suggests new starts, big enthusiasm, a potential that is beginning to manifest itself, a coming together of various forces striving towards balance from an uncertain start. Mars/Mars suggests (in the 11th house) suggests debates, arguments, fights for the future.  In itself, these factors suggest that the Administration (Obama) will have something to fight for in terms of the Court providing a “new” basis for part of the Health Care Act.

To seek clarification, we need to play astrological hopscotch so as to include other factors.  Sun/Moon conjoins Obama’s Venus; he will exhibit grace and play out his role within a balanced manner.  T/Venus, on the other hand, squares the t/Neptune opposite n/Pluto pattern from 2 Pisces to 6 Virgo;  The (that day) ambiguity of 5th house Neptune pertains to an unclear interpretation by the Court which conflicts with the underlying social changes advocated by n/Pluto — the 8th house t/Venus will require compromise on how shared resources are to be used.  This seems to apply to the “mandate” and how it might be altered or have optional/additional conditions attached to it.

The two Neptune (natal at Obama’s Ascendant, transiting in his 4th house) positions are almost in a trine relationship, trines often being associated with compromise or alternating use of two energies to accomplish one function.

From all of this I would think that the Obama administration has some work to do with Congress within a very narrow portion of the Health Care Act.  Given the lack of cooperation between the two major parties, it would seem that this “direction toward a solution” will be held hostage until the election determines who has the power to do something.  Just my thoughts  five days before the announcement and several days before the meaning of the Court’s announcement is clarified.  Dave


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