Health Care & the Supreme Court — Part ONE

The U.S. Supreme Court will announce it findings on the Affordable Health Care Act later this morning.  We can look at the chart for today’s progressing angles and transits now, and later/tomorrow take advantage of the news and analysts breakdown of the court’s findings to see how the chart fits with the details.  This will require a two-part posting.  As a reminder of the charting process used in this series of postings, I’ll note the following.  I am using precession-corrected Tropical Solar Return charts from which I then use daily charts which are constructed around progressed angles (that flow from one Solar Return chart to the next) and daily transits.  The chart interpretations will be based upon the Health Care Act’s (inner chart) planets in contrast to the transiting planets which will represent BOTH the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions/views and the public’s view of that announcement.

Note that the chart’s orientation is determined by the (natal) Affordable Health Care Act’s signing chart’s Ascendant and MC angles, while the daily chart’s Ascendant is at 29 Aries in the natal/Act’s 11th house, the MC being at 16 Capricorn in the natal/Act’s 7th house.  As an overview, we might see the Court’s announcement (Ascendant) as affecting the Act’s future (llth house), and the public image and integrity of the Act as defined by the Court (MC angle) having an impact on how the various parties (individuals, doctors, product/service providers as the 7th house) are involved or affected.  This is as expected.

The daily Asc. squares act/Mars and daily/Mercury:  The Court’s announcement (Asc.) irritates doctors/surgeons or practitioners (Mars) due to arguments/positions that are the basis for their decisions.  New directions or rules (daily 4th house holds Mars and Mercury) are handed down.

We can play “astrological hopscotch” and jump to the Court’s/daily Mars at 27 Virgo at the daily chart’s 6th house.  This daily/Mars is approaching both the Act’s/Saturn and the daily Co-Descendant Point.  Remember, the CD Point is symbolic of “intrusion by external forces” The Court’s argument/position (Mars) will be seen as attacking the structure of the ACT (some of its basic premises)  — or, this will be the initial interpretation of their finding which may change as analysis of their decision and of the legal structure of the ACT is reviewed.  While I don’t generally bother with the use of sign interpretations, it seems to me that the daily/Ascendant at 29 Aries symbolizes a situation which will move from contention (Aries) to stability (Taurus).  This may take a while for the dust to settle.

While we are jumping between natal/transiting versions of planets, let us “hopscotch” or jumpt to daily/Saturn conjoining daily/Moon at 21 and 22 Libra.  In natal charts this pair often broadly relates to the family structure.  In political charts (and this situation is highly political even though the non-political Court is involved) the Moon represents the people, basic necessities, the national mood.  Saturn represents the ‘system’ and institutions, infrastructure (rules, in this case) and law, as well as established processes (the Health Care Act as it has worked over the past two years).  This opposes act/Venus in the daily 12th.  How are we to view Venus symbolism in this type of chart?  I would suggest the people’s values in terms of the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act.  Might we venture that the Court will uphold the position that the rules that support the Act’s benefits will not be changed?

If the previous paragraph proves correct, what areas of contention are then suggested by Mercury/Mars in the daily chart’s 4th house and Mars/Saturn in the 6th house?  Saturn may come to symbolize the “mandate” requirement and Saturn-opposite-Venus as the “taxing” aspect of the mandate.  This is conjecture on my part, but it will be interesting to see what the Court announces hours after this post is committed to being published.  Will the people’s needs (to have health care being couched in a payable and supportive structure) be upheld.  It may be, as I’ve suggested in fragmented ways in previous posts, that the Supreme Court will want to avoid a split decision impression and surprise us in some way with a degree of consensus.  Let us keep our hopes high.

It is my hope that commentary from my readers will be forthcoming as this event unfolds over the coming days and weeks.  Dave
















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