Court Integrity & the Affordable Health Care Act — Part TWO

“Universal Care”, the Affordable Health Care Act, is now the confirmed Law of the Land due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of June 28th, 2012.  What is most striking about this whole situation is the move by Chief Justice Roberts in both the manner he used to interpret the law and the reasons he had for doing what he did.  He has re-stated an earlier commentary by a Justice that his duty is to find a way in which to uphold the acts of Congress when there are two ways to make a ruling — one way supporting the Act, the other not supporting the Act.  If Congress, elected by the populace, makes a bad decision or follows a bad policy it is not the Court’s duty to protect the country from the consequences of its elective decisions.  The second part of his actions was the manner in which he chose to support the Act; he decided that the Interstate Commerce provisions wouldn’t support a Constitutional approval, so he choose to view the individual “mandate” as being a “tax” for those individuals who chose not to subscribe to some form of Health Care Insurance.  Taxes are constitutional.

In his approach to the difficult issue, I personally view Chief Justice Robert’s management of this case to be most remarkable.  Next, I wish to express an opinion about the way we view astrology as a practice.  We have looked at the previous many charts as well as the previous post’s daily chart for the Court’s decision (which we will look at again).  In the interpretive views made it strikes me that a view of this chart and event needs to be refined. 

FIRST, thepolitical symbolism needs to be tweaked, expanded, treated a bit differently.  SECONDLY, the chart needs to be interpreted on a broader basis, not as an “issue” chart but as a chart reflecting the Health Care Act, the expectations of the nation in all of its own factions, as the combined body of the court, as the political and financial climate surrounding the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act and its present embodiment as a collective set of laws.  In other words, there is a whole world of views and concerns that surround this chart/event and the chart is best served if we look through the many layers of interests reflected in a chart, this chart.

For now, let us again look at the chart and consider the keyword views of the various astrological symbols.

 Looking at t/Moon, t/Saturn opposed n/Venus:  n/Venus will denote benefits, societal satisfaction and well-being, a sense of balance between both the provisions of the Act and the balance between the disagreeing factions that came together to enable this Act to become law.  t/Moon represents the populace and its needs, reaction by the public, women in general and mothering/nurturing, the caring process.  t/Saturn seems to reflect the system of government, institutions of law, control, the defined Act itself.

In terms of the Affordable Health Care Act, Moon/Saturn represents the people’s body or representative (Moon), the laws that bring structure and control to the people’s needs (Saturn).  In opposition, n/Venus (the Act’s balancing structure and benefits), might be seen as the cooperative balance that was constructed to meet the people’s perceived needs.

In terms of the Court’s decision-making process (made days earlier) and this date’s announcement (made June 28th) the Court’s guiding hand (Roberts) can be viewed as being Saturn, the people needs and nurturing is the Moon, Venus is the Act’s balance that was (imperfectly) defined and considered by the Court as a whole.  This pattern is found in the chart’s 6th/12th house axis — t/Moon & t/Saturn in the 6th representing trade unions, civil service workers, health services and workers, etc. (what is part of the “middle class” in the U.S.).  n/Venus is the benefits, the balances sought by the Act’s many provisions and rules.

Jupiter represents the Court system in general.  t/Jupiter conjoins t/Venus, suggesting that the Court will be favorable to benefits and balances embodied in the Affordable Health Care Act (we have hopscotched or jumped over from n/Venus to t/Venus).  If we were to jump from t/Saturn to n/Saturn, we could fold in the view that the controls and structure  of the Act was being attacked and addressed in an activist manner (t/Mars) and was having an oppositional relationship to n/Sun & n/Uranus (the innovative spirit and identity of the Health Care Act).   Jumping from n/Sun to t/Sun, we find the Court’s view and decision (the t/Sun) shining literally upon the n/Moon (the people) at the Act’s Ascendant (the nation as a whole, the interests of the people as embodied in the Act).

In future posts, I will look at other patterns in this chart.  It might also be helpful the blog visitors to create a page for political symbolism of the planets and houses.  If we look at the whole chart with this degree of examination, we might find that the review of several/many charts for an expected event is not something that can be easily done in a half-hour review.  It might be that a mundane or political chart is more complex due to the layering of meanings that one has to consider.  Comments?   Dave


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