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FILES — The new Sea Shepherd icebreaker Bob Barker sails seen in this handout photograph obtained January 6, 2010. Though Bob Barker, is known for his affability and gentleness toward people with no conception of what things cost, a ship named for Mr. Barker, the former “Price Is Right” host and former Miss Universe and Miss USA Emcee (inset), had its first confrontation with whalers on Tuesday, The Associated Press reported. The Bob Barker, a 1,200-ton vessel operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the group featured on the Animal Planet series “Whale Wars,” was among the ships that tried to stop a Japanese whaling mission in waters near Antarctica. Mr. Barker, 86, donated the money for his namesake ship after meeting the Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson through a fellow animal advocate. “He said he thought he could put the Japanese whaling fleet out of business if he had $5 million,” Mr. Barker told The A.P. REUTERS/Sea Shepeherd/JoAnne McArthur/Handout/AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes (inset)

This is one of the expressions of Mars on the Ascendant in Bob Barker’s natal chart.  He does not exhibit typical Mars-symbology in his TV Game Show Host persona other than that of being highly “present” or being the focus of activities.  This is not the focus of today’s posting on Bob Barker but it does help answer the question of just what Mars on his natal Ascendant degree means in his life.  Working with animals, advocating for animals, defending animals with one own efforts and monies, enabling others to help animals, and Whales, is all symbolic of Mars.  Bob is a fighter.  More pictures later.

Barker started hosting the Price is Right on Sept. 4th, 1972.  His PDA, Progressed Daily Angles chart, is shown below.

Bob Barker, Sept. 4, 1972 relocated to Hollywood, CA

MC 17 Scorpio  Asc. 28 Capricorn       Co-Descendant CD 6 Virgo

Since angles are the primary focus of these charts, we first notice that t/MC at 17 Scorpio squares natal MC at 16 Leo, suggesting that a challenge or change will relate to his career.  Since n/Moon opposes n/MC, it is likely that the public will be part of the equation in planning for this change.  Will he be well received in this venture?  The CD point at 6 Virgo conjoins n/N.Node, his ability to find or build associations with others will be an issue.  T/Sun is nearby the CD point, a favorable outlook can be seen as a supportive factor in this action.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we can jump to the natal Sun and find it at 19 Sag sextile n/Moon and roughly sextile t/Uranus, both positive indicators in this case within the context of his life and career.

Finally, t/Moon and t/Venus are opposite t/Ascendant; the love of the public will be a strong factor in his outreach through this new TV Game Show.

Astrology is just this simple when viewed within the context of your life.  My new book, Persona; Prediction, will be sent to the printers in the next week or so and available by the end of the summer. This book will provide a clear step-by-step introduction in the concepts, the construction and the interpretive model of this system for prediction built upon the MC-Solar Cycle, the combination of the progressed MC angle between successive Solar Returns and the annual Solar Cycle.  Both of these two fundamental cycles in our astrological charts paint a moving picture of our life, and marks the 15 or 20 days each year in which significant events seem to occur.

Now, for a few more BoB Barker and animal photos.

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