Barker’s Last Year as TV Host

Bob Barker’s precession-corrected Solar Return for Dec. 12, 2005 covered his following October on-air announcement of his retirement as a TV game show host.  What does one’s impending retirement look like in a Solar Return chart?  Is there a unique astrological indicator?  No.  Yet, the indications are there to see.  Within the context of his life, we know that he had become a legend on the small screen,  A whole generation had grown up and aged with him as they followed his daily shows.  So, lets look and discover what “retirement” might look like.

Bob Barker

2005 Solar Return, p.c. Dec. 12th

MC 28 Leo  Asc. 20 Scorpio






The first chart characteristic to note is the S/R MC and Asc. angles have just passed the natal MC and Asc. angles.  When ever such a match up occurs we can expect a major life change to be a strong possibility.  The actual alignment would have happened some 10 days earlier, and probably marked the time when he started making plans to move his interests and energy from TV to his animal rights work which was the true love-of-his-life and his personal legacy to his wife’s memory. The angular match-up of these two chart angles in a Solar Return indicates a major shift in life’s direction.  In a Daily chart they can indicate the timing and nature of a substantial life changing event.

The second chart characteristic to note is the activity along the Asc. angle: we can note t/Jupiter at the n/Asc. and n/Mars.  We note t/Mars and t/Moon at the Descendant angle.  In an earlier posting it was noted that Barker displayed his n/Mars at the Ascendant as indicating his on-stage presence and command of the pace of the show and interaction with the contestants.  In other areas of his life, this n/Mars was indicative of his fight and energies for animal rights work.  We might view the t/Mars at the Desc. angle as indicating that his presence and energies would be placed elsewhere.

As part of this Desc. angle grouping we note t/Moon.  Natal Moon was near the relocated-to-Hollywood-IC angle, signifying his public acceptance into people’s homes and the changes it signified for TV — not n/Moon opposes the dramatic, theatrical Neptune in the 10th.  If we treat the Moon-opp-Neptune-square-Mars as a T-square (all closely angular) we could say that this represented a popular (Moon) theatrical (Neptune) effort (Mars) as part of his life’s potential.  Transiting Moon, Mars, Neptune perfectly actualized this natal pattern.  The nature of the oppositional nature of this mirror-pattern suggests and “end” or “challenge” or “change”.  Couple this pattern with the life-changing indications of the Asc. and MC angles somewhat repeating themselves in this annual chart, and we easily deduce, due to his age and other interests (and the length of time on the show itself), that the “end” of a career or major phase of his life is likely.  This all fits into the “context” of his life.

It is not necessary to evaluate anything else in this chart.  Astrology has again proven itself to be “easy.”  All that a curious astrologer would next examine is the “when” of this decision.  What one day or one of several days might this happen?  In the next post we’ll take a peek into the process of finding the one or several possible “when” dates in the coming year.  Dave











































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