When Rain Fell On Romney’s Parade — Part One.

The last week of August, 2012 saw the Republican Convention within a shortened 3 day format.  In the summer weeks, the Republicans had not been overly successful in keeping their message before the media market due to the many distractions brought about by their own affiliates.  The convention itself seemed to be affected by the same set of distractions.

This planned series of four blogs will address the Romney experience in Tampa along with Clint Eastwood’s role.  The “off message” theme, unintended, will be looked at.  I will continue using Moon-to-Sun Return charts and advanced charts in this examination.

t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun, from the 11th to the 5th house has a “book” interpretation of:  “Friends and groups, organizational efforts are rallied to complete a community project. Participation is the word for the weeks ahead. Your special skills are key to success.  One accepts what is offered, what is accomplished. A private distaste  for those who hold back or don not contribute.”  If we nuance this to fit the Republican convention we find a good interpretive fit.

t/Mars, t/Saturn conjoin near the Ascendant: This “stop and go” pair is often associated with hard work, perseverance, frustration. Their location near the Ascendant points to a personal involvement with these feelings.  The distraction of the Republican platform’s stance on abortion, woman’s rights, and the gender gap were all part of this major distraction during the lead-up and Monday-delay as the gulf storm moved past Florida.  The focus of so many speakers upon their own accomplishments and uncoordinated scripting/blending of the overall message to support the nominee was curious and unhelpful.

t/Sun square n/Moon, n/Jupiter:  Romney’s self-interests (Sun) were being challenged by the appeals of the many before the public forum (Moon, Jupiter.  t/PoF opposed n/Asc.:  Self-esteem, partners or image are affected.  One’s buttons are being pushed.

These are the primary factors in this cyclic chart and they describe the theme for the following two week period which ended shortly after the close of the convention.  In the next post we will look at an advanced chart to see how the nomination night, astrologically, compared with the surprising actuality of that evening.  Dave





















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