Clint Eastwood experienced a Moon-opposite-Sun Return on Aug. 25, 2012.  Most likely he was quite unaware of that event. Clint was to be the “mystery” speaker who was to precede Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.  As was noted in the previous two posts on this subject, the “message” of the Republican’s had been redirected toward other issues all summer long and in the weeks leading up to the Convention in Tampa.  With the hurricane and the issue of woman’s rights, as written into the Republican platform statement, that misdirection continued into the Convention itself.  Let us look at Clint’s Moon-opp-Sun Return chart.

This is a significant chart.  t/Sun at the IC, opposes the MC and t/Neptune while conjoining n/Neptune.  Clint had a mission, he was going to apply all of his creativity and drama skills to relate some fundamental beliefs to the public image of the Republican party.  The Moon-opposite-Sun, from the 6th to the 12th house points to this basic concept:  “Your conscience says to help others. Personal interests say take care of your own needs first.  Balancing conflicts in life demands the merging of personal goals with the needs of others. Working in supportive-care industries, government or offering personal care services can be involved. Avoid conflicts of interest.”

The mission was to support Romney’s interests.  The Sun and doubled up Neptunes along the vertical axis brought self-interests, creativity and confusion into the mix.  The Moon-opposite-Sun set up the theme of conflicts between the needs of others and oneself.  t/PoF squares the n/Ascendant in the 7th house opposing n/Jupiter in the first house:  “Chance and change” was involved in more oppositional problems with one’s actions (n/Asc.) placed in the interests of another (7th house) in conflict with opportunity (n/Jupiter in the 1st).  There is more to dig out of this chart, but it is not needed.  The “theme” of the next two weeks for Clint Eastwood is defined — creativity, confusion, his interests versus his mission and the interests of another — all of this is the theme.  In tomorrow’s post, the advanced chart for Clint’s “chair” speech will be examined.  Dave.


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