Clint’s one-way discussion — Part Four

Clint Eastwood’s allotted time slot preceded Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.  Due to the flow of prior speakers, Clint did not take the podium until the scheduled time for Mitt Romney.  This placed Clint into the prime time viewer period. He placed a chair beside the podium and commenced a pretend dialog with the President of the U.S.  It was noted that his speech was off-the-cuff (no teleprompter) and often rambling in its flow and subject.  While entertaining for a pub or private club group, the talk was not proper for the setting or for Romney’s manner and image.  This one-way dialog became the subject of the day for the many days following the Convention.  The “off message” nature of Mitt’s campaign continued.












 Clint’s t/Moon conjoins his n/PoF at 20 & 18 Aquarius; he was emotionally  tuned to taking a chance, speaking on impulse (note the square to n/Mercury and the opposition to t/Mercury).  t/Sun was tightly conjoining the IC-MC axis which squared t/PoF!  “Chance and change” ruled the night just as surely as t/Sun linked into Clint’s sense of his own values.  With t/Sun squaring n/Sun, there was a conflict in self-interests and intent — Clint’s and Mitt’s.  Not conducive to teamwork.

t/Asc. conjoined n/Jupiter on this date, building up Clint’s sense of self-optimism and confidence.  And, again, another sense of disconnect is indicated by Clint’s n/Asc. in the 7th house — speaking and acting for another.  That was the intent, but it was not the intent to substitute one’s own views for the nominee’s views.

I would like to restate what should now be obvious.  Using these cyclic charts presents us with a view of the “now” factors on a continuing basis.  As long as we have or maintain a sense of “context” in the subject’s life, we can see in these simple-to-grasp patterns all that we need to see for tracking or predictive purposes.  This methods gives us a “simple” method for the practice of astrology.

I would recommend blog visitors interested in this methodology to visit the sister site—-Moon-to-Sun Returns found at this URL     That site offers a slower pace of new charts as it is intended to be a study-site.  There you will find information on understanding how the “theme” of the Moon-to-Sun and Moon-opposite-Sun cycles is developed.  Presently the life and activities of the activist Abbie Hoffman is being explored.  Abbie was one of the most public activists of the 1960s and 1970s, an activist who supported many causes.  Dave.








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