Romney: An Inflection Point?

MittRomney may have inadvertently reached an inflection point in his campaign to be the next President of the U.S.  The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya led to remarks which were seen as a knee-jerk reactive statement based on a lack of facts and a confused time-line of events. The result was an angry, confused comment that led to both a drop in the polls and rebuttals from other Republicans.   Romney had broken with the tradition of keeping one’s remarks reserved and respectful of the President’s handling of foreign policy and reaction until time had passed, events had been clarified, and initial steps taken by the government.  Then, constructive or alternate positions could have been offered and a national debate initiated.


The Moon-to-Sun Return of Sept. 1, 2012 was a fifth house Return: “The actor and risk taker comes out in all of us through teaching, loving, promoting.  The expression of one’s values.”  This chart is relocated to Washington, DC to reflect the national exposure and nation’s business.


The Ascendant, 29:54 Libra, marked the natal 6th house: In a Return chart, this aligns with adjustments, discomforts and unsettling actions as one seeks to establish a practical approach to working with others and seeking opportunities.  With t/Mars in the Return’s first house, anger and haste will mark this period’s activities.  This Mars is trine n/Mars at the 5th house cusp of the Return, facilitating the risk-taking nature of the period.  We have to keep the context of this period’s events in mind; the Republican Convention had just ended, the hoped for “bump” in the polls didn’t materialize, the Democrat’s Convention had been a huge public event success, and Romney needed to take any initiative to set the tone for the 60 days leading to the November elections.


The t/PoF at 12 Taurus in the Return 7th house suggests that one’s relations with others has to be carefully managed.  With the t/PoF squaring the n/Pluto-opposite-n/PoF and n/MC, this critical natal pattern is being challenged.  Consider that critical natal pattern of MC and PoF opposing Pluto.  One might initially say that Romney has strong self-protection needs and an adversity to unexpected changes and the opinions of others.  Looking at this another way, this pattern suggests taking control from others and into one’s own hands.  Power and control in his hands, not in another’s hands.  If so, then his career is overly excessive in this sense as he seeks to control corporations, manage an Olympic event, become Governor of a state (Massachusetts), and now he seeks the Presidency of the United States.  The t/PoF squaring this natal opposition points to great risks in making a “power play” out of a national crises.

t/Sun opposes, broadly, the t/Moon-to-n/Sun and n/Mars, suggesting that his decisions and self-interests (Sun) will have difficulty (opposition) in using his aggressiveness (Mars) and will work against achieving a life balance (Moon-to-Sun) at this time.

These brief remarks are enough to define our expectations for this period.  Looking at the Return chart advanced to Sept. 12th, the date of his intemperate remarks, we find more patterns of interest. 


t/Sun, t/Mercury and t/PoF are all in the 11th house opposing n/Sun.  Sun-opposite-Sun always points to a contest of wills.  With the t/PoF involved, this is a “chancy” situation.  The advanced MC degree has, on this date, reached an opposition to n/MC and n/PoF.  This axis is squared by t/Mars in the first house.  Now the need to be in control is fueled by Mitt’s projection of his of his aggressive goals and visible status (n/Mars in the 10th).  Mitt wants to be on center-stage.  

It is often fun, or at least provoking, to think about just what we might say if this subject was consulting us on a weekly basis.  We could see this chart ahead of time.  Would we see these natal patterns in the context of having come to know and understand Romney?  Would we be candid about the nature of the transits within the Return chart’s framework and suggest that he would be demanding, expressive and put himself at risk due to haste and a wish to upstage the President?

Within the past few days we have seen a remarkable jump in the polls for the Democrats of some 5 to 7 percentage points in the battleground states of Florida, Virginia and Ohio.  Given that there are presently very few undecided voters among those who are likely to vote, it would appear that minds are starting to reach conclusions of who is the preferred candidate.  If so, Romney’s intemperate remarks of Sept. 12th, coupled with his previous lack of detail on his own positions seem to be painting him as an empty suit with a big mouth.  This is not the approach one should take in trying to define himself, nor is it the proper “on-message” presentation he should be pursuing.

I am considering running a number of these charts ahead of time for each of the four upcoming debates.  If there are any comments, pro or con, relative to this issue please contact me via 1) comments here, 2) my e-mail at or another e-mail address using      Dave 








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