Terror in the Theater

Last July 20th, 2012, James Holmes entered a theater for the midnight showing of the Dark Knight.  Minutes later the dead and wounded resulting from his shooting spree caused the crowd to flee or hide under their seats within the terror-filled Aurora, CO movie theater.  The result of this unfathomable  event was 12 deaths and 58 wounded.  This date, Sept. 20th, the prosecutors went to court to expand the charges against Holmes to a total of 152 counts.

Holmes had recently failed oral exams relating to his PhD at a local university and, after failing to connect with a professor in an attempt to deal with his failed exam, had decided to carry out a mass killing, something he had talked about earlier with a fellow student.  In this interlude period between the political Conventions and the upcoming Debates, I thought we could take a look at Holme’s p.c. Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angles charts.

This 2011 p.c. Solar Return for Dec. 12th, relocated to Aurora, CO has the MC at 17 Cancer, the Asc. at 14 Libra.

Birth was Dec. 13, 1987 at 9:04 PM in LaJolla, CA (San Diego).



This Colorado location brings his natal Mars/Pluto pair to the IC angle, a signature pattern denoting either unusual advancements in life or the tendency to be involved in events of brutality and the wielding of great power.  He was never destined to grow daisies.    So, what did his Solar Return bring to him this year in Colorado?  First, we hopscotch from n/Mars to t/Mars @ 14 Virgo, square n/Mercury and t/Node.  When dealing with cyclic charts, the natal planets not only represent the birth potential but also the established nature of how we have learned to use that planet’s symbolic meanings.  In this case, n/Mercury (trailing planet of the stellium of 6 natal planets) represents the thoughts and perceptions that he has developed at this stage of his life relative to his University studies and the Colorado environment.  The t/N.Node conjoing n/Mercury represents those he associates with.  t/Mars indicates an anger and conflict with those he associates and communicates/studies with.

We cannot ignore n/Pluto, and must look at t/Pluto conjoining n/Neptune.  Holme’s sense of power or powerlessness (we can’t forget that the coin has two sides) has to contend with some confusion (n/Neptune) on his part.  Also, given the power of the natal IC angle at this location, we need to note the S/R MC/IC axis and t/Venus and n/Venus at the S/R IC.   “Relatedness” and balance is needed at this point.  The square of MC-opp-Venus/Venus to n/Jupiter and S/R Asc. suggests that his expectations for the role of others contains some conflicts.  This leads us back to his attempt to reach his professor shortly before this shooting spree relative to dealing with his failed oral exams.

All of this interpretation is driven by the n/Pluto and n/Mars at the IC angle, the only close angular planets in the Solar Return chart.  Yet, this simple pattern defines his whole year of experience at this Colorado location.  I’ll look at his PDA chart in the next post.   Dave


























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