The Upcoming National Election — A Commentary

These two men are debating foreign policy this evening, Oct. 22, 2012 as the focus of their third and final debate prior to the national election on Nov. 6th.  The following comments are offered as a back drop to my later posting of charts for these two candidates relative to the election for the Presidency, 1/3 of our Senate, and all members of our House of Representatives.

Politics and elections are complex, the charts we cast and seek to understand often show us a multiplicity of issues and views.  Add to this the fact that we have to apply personal symbolism to the multiplicity of participants, issues, power centers, media impressions and political-party spin masters.  All that counts in the end is the results of the voter’s decisions, when totaled, which emerge from all of these complexities.

In this post I will provide the Progressed Daily Angles charts of Nov. 6th, 2012 for both the President and the challenger.  Before this is done we need to ask ourselves why these Progressed Daily Angles charts are use rather than some other charting methodology.  Let us review the charts that might be used by some astrologers and beginning-studies students.

Transit to natal charts:  For many, the study of transiting planets to a person’s natal chart is the most basic and trustworthy approach to be taken.  Or, is it?  Transits represent the flow of recent, present and tomorrow’s heavenly influences on planetary positions that once existed at the moment a subject was born.  If we review transiting positions relative to natal positions we will be missing some key factors that are used with other charting tools.  More on this will be presented later.

Progressed charts:  These are seen as representing a subject’s development over time as planet movement over the days following one’s birth are projected to represent changes that will be encountered years after one’s birth.  Symbolic time is used wherein a day is used to represent a year.  If this is true, we are looking at a progression of one’s personality and likely character but we are not looking at experiences and political events which involve both the subject and other people contributing to those events.

Directed charts:  These can be roughly similar, in some ways, to progressed charts.  Yet, directed charts focus on one factor such as the Sun.  In these cases, all planets adopt the Sun’s movement and rate of advance.  We end up with a Sun-focused chart of will, intent and chosen direction with each of the planets showing their contribution to the Sun’s purpose.  Again, this may not present the view of the election’s complexity that we wish to find.

Solar Return charts:  Most applications of Solar Return charts involve basing reviews of its meaning and future interpretations on the Return chart, the S/R progressed Moon and transits to the S/R during the coming year.  If one sees the S/R as representing a theme or general portrait of the coming year’s events and results, then those transits on election day are not to natal planets but to a more recent time and somewhat “removed” chart which is linked to a subject’s Sun position.

 Moon-to-Sun Return charts:  These charts are based upon the natal Sun (our will, intent, decision-making, vitality) and transiting Moon (our sense of change, our response to change, external events) which together are one portrait of our striving to assure balance in our lives.  Not balance in terms of an equilibrium, but balance as a form of inner and outer self-expression as we interact with the world around us, each according to our personal make-up and life experiences.  The charts we have examined recently relative to Romney and Obama have shown their approach to a given days events (which was the debate between the two of them).  But, the national election is not a direct on-stage debate between two people.  It is a nation-wide summary of all of the multiplicity of events, information and impressions of millions of citizen expressed through a count of their votes.

Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angles charts:  This charting methodology utilizes a trio of inter-related charts.  The natal chart representing potential, the solar return representing current life and current challenges and opportunities, and the daily charts which show our interaction with life and our challenges within a context of current life.  Is this the perfect answer, the only answer.  No.

National charts, party charts:  These have not been used much on this blog-site, but they have to be considered as being potentially appropriate.  As long as we seek answers that fit with the nature of those charts.  We can progress, direct, transit, return and twist these national and party charts in any way.  Care needs to be taken in what we do and the conclusions we draw.

Cyclic charts:  This blog-site has focused on “cyclic” charts.  Cycles move through our lives and our charts, overlapping other cycles, repeating themselves, activating the ever-moving planet patterns and re-presenting the natal, solar return and daily chart angles which represent the “power” areas of personal change and challenge.

In the coming days I will be posting the Nov. 6, 2012 Progressed Daily Angles charts for both President Obama and former Governor Romney.  I will present a review of these charts as if they were just personal charts, and then follow with a nuanced version that uses the symbolism of the charts applied to a political situation.  In this way we can each judge the effectiveness of these charts in predicting and illustrating the events shaped by the combined forces that these two men represent.   Dave




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