Ohio & The National Election — Part Three

The Nov. 6th U.S. National Election is now within a week of being history.  As the time frame closes, so are the polls to some degree. Republican’s are claiming that every poll is wrong.  Democrats hold a small advantage or a slight advantage in all states except a few.  Ohio is one state that clearly polls in Obama’s favour — and has for several months.  Since it is hard to find a winning total of 270 electoral votes for Romney without Ohio, it may be instructive to look at the Nov. 6, 2012 Progressed Daily Angles chart for the state of Ohio.

Ohio          March 1, 1803 9:30 AM LMT  082w59  39n20

PDA for        Nov. 6, 2012  Ohio location

MC 5 Cancer   Asc. 4 Libra

Following the interpretive methodology of previous postings for these PDA charts, we immediately note two doubled-up planetary patterns:  t/Venus at the Asc., n/Venus in the 4th and n/Uranus at the Asc., t/Uranus at the Desc.  Treating these two planets together we can take Ebertin’s comments in the Combination of Stellar Influences (astrology’s most popular reference book), “tendency to be particular and fastidious in the choice of a partner. Passing love bonds, love/romance, popularity.”  This can be nuanced in various ways but we need to look at the context of Ohio over the past months and year.  Ohio has a low unemployment rate, has benefited from the auto industry being enabled to be reconstituted by the policies of the President.  Ohio polls have been consistent in giving Obama a clear edge.

Ohio’s PDA chart has Venus @ Asc.: Ohio is pleased with its status and comparative resources and productivity.  n/Jupiter & n/Uranus @ Asc.: Excitement, satisfaction is part of the state’s current attitude and views.  Uranus @ Desc.: projecting excitement and individuality (of their state) to others.  Ohio’s Republican Governor has been doing this for the past year to the consternation of the Republican Party with their message of “woe and doom”.   Note t/Sun at Ohio’s 2nd house where resources and wealth are the focus. Finally, we note t/Pluto at the IC setting up a grand square between t/Pluto, t/Venus, Asc., t/Uranus, MC, and (loosely) n/Mars.  We can sense a rebirth (Pluto), gains (Venus), individual effort (Uranus), manufacturing and hard work (Mars) being experienced (Asc. and MC).  Will change be sought by a state which is leading the nation back towards some level of stability?

One way of comparing Ohio’s chart to each of the candidates is to observe the interconnections between the Nov. 6th angles, Sun, Moon and planets within 5 degrees orb.  The following table is provided relative to the chart above and the charts of the candidates given in previous posts in this series.

  • Obama’s MC square Ohio’s MC, 3 degrees.
  • Obama’s MC opposite Ohio’s Asc., 5 degrees.
  • Obama’s Asc. opposite Ohio’s n/MC, 2 degrees.
  • Obama’s n/Asc. square Ohio’s n/Asc., 2 degrees.
  • Romney’s MC square Ohio’s n/Asc., 1 degree.
  • Romney’s n/MC square Ohio’s n/Asc., 4 degrees.
  • Obama’s n/Sun square Ohio’s t/Sun, 1 degree.
  • Obama’s n/Uranus square Ohio’s n/Neptune, 2 degrees.
  • Obama’s n/Mars square Ohio’s n/Saturn, 5 degrees.
  • Romney’s n/Moon square Ohio’s n/Neptune, 4 degrees.
  • Romney’s n/Jupiter square Ohio’s n/Neptune, 4 degrees.
  • Romney’s n/Mercury conj. Ohio’s n/Sun, 3 degrees.
  •  Romney’s n/Mars conj. Ohio’s n/Pluto, 0 degrees.

The angular connections between Obama and Ohio outweigh those connections between Romney and Ohio, conveying a synchronicity between the President’s policies and those of Ohio.  One can also consider the connections of planet-links between the candidate’s natal charts and the Ohio chart.  This can be confusing as well as debatable in terms of what each of us might see and evaluate.  I give the weight of Ohio’s support to Obama relative to the above chart and notations.

Finally, I had noted a “clue” in my last post.  If you go back to Romney’s chart in Part One of this series, you will note that the Ascendant is just shy of the t/Sun by two degrees.  I had also noted that t/Sun at the Ascendant indicated a “legal situation.”  This Ascendant will advance some 1.25 degrees per day, gradually catching up with the Sun (advancing almost a degree per day) over the next week or two.  Romney is likely to initiate several legal challenges to the election results following the election.  This indicates that he will have “lost” the election according to the initial returns and the Electoral College tally.  It is on these charts that I base my prediction.  If there are any who wish to talk about these factors I can be reached via SKYPE evenings between 7PM and 9PM Eastern Daylight and Eastern Standard time (there is a time change this weekend) on Nov. 2nd thru Nov. 5th.  My SKYPE NAME is david.monroe35     If you have SKYPE and wish to have a visual conversation, please call on those days and time frames.   Dave


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