What Time Is it; Rectification for Casey Anthony — Part Two

Working with a Noon-Chart can only take us so far.  It is always better to have a “timed” birth time.  In this case, we have to find a workable time to use for a natal chart.  We will come back to following a time-line of event in this troubling case of a missing child, but for the purposes of determining a “workable” birth time we have to find some clues.  In the prior-cited book, Imperfect Justice, the legal investigators who tried to piece together a timeline of who was where and who did what soon uncovered one obvious “truth.”  Nothing that Casey Anthony said ever turned out to be true.  Sooner or later, her stories always unraveled.  Still, nothing solid was ever established.

The book offered one clue.  Indeed, it shouted out that clue.  Casey was clearly a liar to her core being.  Was she always that way?  No.  She started her deceptions when Caylee, her daughter, was born.  Caylee was born on August 9, 2005.  On that day, Neptune was at 16 Aquarius.  Why not place transiting Neptune on Casey Anthony’s birth chart!  The chart, changed from a Noon chart to a 4:50 AM chart provides an Ascendant of 16 Aquarius with Neptune sitting on that Ascendant angle.  Below is that chart, plus Caylee’s birth chart below it.

Looking at the upper chart, we see Casey Anthony’s rectified natal chart.  In order to see the transits to that chart we only need to look at Caylee’s natal chart, a recorded-time natal chart!  It is obvious that Caylee’s Sun is on Casey’s rectified Descendant angle — one of many typical parent-child patterns.  Caylee has Neptune opposite her Sun; the light of her life is a deceptive light.  Casey started telling lies when Caylee was born,  Neptune transiting the Ascendant symbolizes this development.  Caylee’s birth chart opposing her own (rectified) chart suggests that this might be a viable, workable “time” for her chart.

In the following posts, this “rectified” chart will be tested against the developments that were associated with the investigation, Casey arrest and trial, and her release from jail due to a lack of evidence that would convince a jury.

What is important for us to recognize is that news, books, broadcasts often provide us with clues about a subject of interest.  When I read the pages of investigator observations about the magnitude of lies that Casey so effortlessly strung together, modified and changed to suit the occasion.  She was totally unfazed when caught lying, she never admitted a truth, she always spun a new story and changed it when pressured.  For the investigators it was like fencing in the fog.  Poke, parry, thrust —- never a drop of bloody truth.  Interesting.  Dave.


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