Casey Anthony Being Questioned — Part Six

Casey Photo 1Following a month of misleading information about her missing child, Casey Anthony found herself at the short end of a long line of questions.  Everyone wanted to know about Caylee, no body had seen her.  Everyone was totally exasperated about Casey’s stories and claims, no body could pin down any facts, any leads, any hope. 

On this day she was closely questioned.  An offer was made to show the authorities her place of work, her office as part of a collaboration of her story.  Casey took the investigators to Universal Studios where she claimed to work.  As it turned out, Casey was faking the whole event.  She did not work there.  After wandering aimlessly around, she admitted that she did not work there or had been there as part of her alibi for the period when Caylee was presumed to have gone missing. She moved seamlessly to other variations of her story, then migrated to more stories. Nothing could be checked out.  None of these failed subterfuge efforts bothered Casey.  She maintained her outward calmness.  No embarrassment was shown.  No concrete answers were given.

Casey’s Progressed Daily Angles chart for July 17, 2008, the date of her arrest and questioning blitz is shown.  The transits and daily angles are shown in the outer ring, the natal chart is shown within the inner ring.  Note that daily MC is at 21 Sag., the daily Ascendant is at 17 Pisces.  In order to assess this daily chart it is necessary to continually refer to the natal patterns being activated.  This daily transit chart is oriented within the advancing angles of the prior Solar Return chart, precession corrected, and based upon Casey’s natal chart rectified to a 4:50 AM birth time and relocated to Orlando, Florida.  All of this manipulation must be kept in mind..

Casey PDA 7-17-2008-J 

When we first look at this RIYAL-produced Progressed Daily Angles chart (Sidereal astrologers will recognize this as a Fagan-PSSR chart cast in the Tropical zodiac) we find both the natal angles (MC at 4 Sag, Asc. at 22 Aquarius) and progressed angles having both transiting and natal planets close by.  This indicates that the developed, more natural expression of those energies associated with the natal planets will play a role in shaping how the transiting planets will play out as they represent the current (now, today, this week) reactions and uses of opportunities and situations affect actions, decisions and the perspective of current life.

t/MC conjoins n/Uranus and n/Mars:  This natal pairing generally suggests one who can act in a unique and bold manner, one who is enthusiastic and self-confident.  Positioned at the MC, this represents an attempt to be in control of her situation.  This is how Casey has always used this pairing, she tries to achieve what she wants, first, last, always.  We have to note the square aspect to t/Uranus at the Ascendant:  Now, we have two Uranus’; uniqueness and individualism is guiding Casey’s actions today.  Close to this t/Uranus near the Ascendant is n/Mercury and n/Sun. Casey’s self-interests (the n/Sun) and her perceptions and story (n/Mercury) have been worked out to some degree ahead of time.  I say this because the natal planets have to show how those symbols have come to be expressed due to a lifetime of development.  The transiting planets and daily angles will show the impulses and actions of the day, the moment, to suit the needs that have to be addressed at that point in time.  t/Uranus at the Ascendant simply points us to understanding that she is acting (the Ascendant) out her uniqueness to cover up a desperate situation—the full court press (to use a Basketball term) of authorities and her family to achieve some sort of answer.  She might be seen as “playing” with the investigators.

We can play astrological hopscotch with the angles as well as the planets.  If Asc./Uranus is an important point to consider, let us jump to n/Asc. and t/Neptune;  acting out a fantasy (a set of lies).  Jumping again to n/Neptune at the midpoint of t/Pluto & t/Moon we might say that Casey’s ability to fantasize relates, at this time, to an extreme emotional situation that generates great fear and feelings.  How can an ongoing series of lies and deceptions hold up to penetrating scrutiny?  Casey most likely thought she could carry this off.

By using this astrological hopscotch technique, we have really been seeking to integrate the natal imprint into the understanding  of how transiting planets (opportunities for expression) might be used to serve Casey’s self interests (the Sun and the MC as chief expression-tools of the MC-Solar Cycle that underlies all of these Solar Returns and progressed daily charts).  The natal chart (potential and character), the Solar Return chart (annual theme and marker of the MC-Solar cycle), and the daily chart (opportunity and timing of how we best express ourselves to actualized one of many variations of our natal potential) all have to be treated as part of a cyclic process of living.

We can continue to play astrological hopscotch.  Note t/Pluto in the 10th, 7 degrees from the MC.  t/Pluto squares n/Sun; one hides one’s plans, one struggles to be in control, to cast light in a favorable direction.  The Asc/MC midpoint squares n/Pluto in the 8th house; One has to struggle to deal with conflicts between the self and the “others” who seek to control Casey’s life and use their power to coerce her into cooperating.

And, we cannot overlook the CD point (the Co-Descendant point, making the MC the midpoint of the Asc. and the CD) — this point marks an “intrusion place” into our chart.  This is where we meet our fate, find an enemy already in our back door.  Any planet here forces the MC to modify its goals so that the Ascendant can interact with the CD-planet.  Planets opposite the CD point show what we use to counteract this intrusion point into our life.  Here, we find t/Uranus and n/Mercury, n/Sun.  This is complex to unravel.  Mercury and Sun point to a personal perspective with the mind following the experiences of the Sun’s life decisions; there will be a strict following of prior practices—-using one’s mind and experience to deal with life.  Yes, this is a game for Casey in which all of the marbles can be won or lost.

Again, this chart, like any series of cyclic charts, has to be related to the context of the subject’s life.  For Casey, life had one burden too many.  And many other attractions that did not involve burdens upon her. Without facts one can only conjecture relative to what normal practice is for a young mother and her child, and compared to what little we know of Casey.  It didn’t look good after a month with no sign of a small child.  Dave



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