Casey Anthony; Questioning Interrupted — Part Seven

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This August 29, 2008 Moon-to-Sun Return occurred following Casey’s earlier arrest and questioning.  At the time of the arrest Casey had offered an unending series of wild stories which could not be confirmed and which were often contradictory.  The investigators were frustrated by Casey’s lack of embarrassment and ease of transferring from one scenario to another.  Up until this mid-August date, each of her stories were checked.  Everyone she had, or might have had, contact with were questioned.  All the while, a media frenzy was being played out in front of the home of George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents.

Into this circus-like situation stepped one more publicity-seeker who put up $500,000 for Casey’s bail.  The idea was that if Casey was at home in a more relaxed environment that the story of what actually happened could be determined.  Let us look at the Moon-to-Sun Return of August 19, 2008.


This is a 7th house Moon-to-Sun Return.  The “theme” for this 7th house Return suggests that Casey is highly engaged with others, taking the lead in small group efforts, establishing a firm relationship of importance, being of assistance to those close to you, defending yourself.  Social events can distract from one’s career of community standing. Choices that benefit oneself or others needs to be defended.  This Return chart will assessed within this broad theme.

The Moon-to-Sun position at 28 Pisces squares t/Pluto at 28 Sag.; Casey’s situation (being confined in jail) will be completely changed.   t/Mars also opposes Moon-Sun, suggesting that her situation will be affected by the actions of another.  Note that  n/Mars at 25 Sag also squares this Moon-Sun opposed Mars, providing a “doubled-up” Mars.  “Intrusion” and the “presence” of another (Mars words) will be the key to understanding this Return chart.  

t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) conjoins n/Venus in the 8th;  Chance and change (PoF) will affect Casey’s creature comforts (Venus) shared with others (8th).  t/Sun opposes t/Neptune and n/Asc from the 12th;  A transiting Sun represents our current self, self-interests, and attitude towards life.  t/Neptune represents, in Casey’s situation, the current lies and manipulation that she is engaged in (the n/Ascendant) as her way of controlling her life. 

The Return chart’s Ascendant is also important.  Here we find t/Saturn and t/Mercury tightly conjoining the Ascendant.   Transits tend to indicate what is happening to us.  Mercury/Saturn can represent the contract or agreement to comply with a bail-granting.  Conventional meanings would suggest seclusion, separation, going it alone — close, but not the best words for Casey’s situation.  We must nuance assessments to fit the context of the subjects life.

Interestingly, n/MC and n/Saturn are at the Return chart’s IC angle; Casey’s defensiveness over her life-status and goals is undergoing a major change, seeming to both end now and perhaps starting anew.  We have a “doubled up” Saturn condition but without the clarity and structure that Saturn typically offers.  It might be safest to just say that Casey’s self-protection has been helped by an external situation — a picture that an astrologer might not see ahead of time.

Finally, we have n/Moon being opposed by t/Jupiter and squared by t/PoF and n/Venus.  This is a weak pattern where fortune (Jupiter and Venus) is bolstered by unexpected chance (someone offering bail for their own purposes).  

In the next post, two different events and dates will be examined as “Advanced” charts from this Moon-to-Sun Return chart.   Dave


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