Casey Anthony: A Surprise At Trial’s End — Part Ten

Casey at verdict

Casey Anthony’s trial ended July 5, 2011 with a fully unexpected result — “Not Guilty.”  Almost 1100 days had passed since the first 911 call to police.  Casey was found guilty of 4 counts of lying to police. Everyone was shocked, including Casey Anthony.  Her photo, at the time of the verdict being read, is shown at the right.  This posting will present two charts relating to this event — the t/Moon conjunct n/Sun in the 12th house, and the Moon-to-Sun Advanced chart for the trial ending.  I will not be presenting an MP-3 recording because I want to make sure that I note all of the chart factors and comments that occurred to me 

On July 3rd and 4th Casey Anthony’s legal team made the final presentation to the Jury, presenting a jumble of poster and photo displays, chronologically presenting the called-witnesses and summing up their testimony — this summation often being misleading or inaccurate.  Then the judge gave his instructions to the jury: “Only the testimony of the witnesses was to be considered, the words of the lawyers were to be ignored.”  Then, the Jury went to consider the trial’s testimony and their views on what was presented.

The next day at mid-day, July 5th, 2011, the Jury completed it’s deliberations and was set to produce a verdict.  Not guilty to charges of first degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse, guilty of four counts of lying to police officers.  The court was shocked.  The public was shocked.  Casey Anthony was shocked. The girl who lied, who did not testify, who never volunteered any true information about the disappearance of her daughter. and who showed little remorse over the loss of her little girl was found not guilty.  Years of lies and deceit had been rewarded.  In these charts, transits are shown in the inner wheel, natal planets are in the outer wheel.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return Chart in the 12th house occurred on June 23, 2011.  This 12th house positioning suggests, “Sensitivity for how past directions shape the immediate future. Self-interests are recognized or denied in relation to how one helps or is helped by others.  The processes of institutions or their agents are at work.”  Much of this standard all-purpose interpretation applies to this situation.

Notable is the presence of the t/PoF and t/Pluto at the MC:  “Chance and change” (PoF) will affect how one’s status in life (MC) is totally turned upside-down (Pluto).  t/Mercury and n/Moon at the IC points to emotional news affecting the start or end of life as Casey has been experiencing it.  t/Saturn opposite the Asc. and n/Venus suggests that the restrictions (Saturn) one is experiencing due to others (opposition to Venus) will bring about a balance into one’s daily experience.  We need to keep in mind that Moon-to-Sun Return charts point to how one maintains or regains one’s life-balance.

This Return chart, occurring more than a week before the trial’s ending, would have made the above statements difficult to state given the widespread views that this defendant would not testify about her missing-murdered daughter, had lied repeatedly over several years to the police, and was not remorseful or emotional during the trial.  Yet, these “book” statements are quite correct in hindsight.

The second chart is the Moon-to-Sun chart ADVANCED to July 5, 2011 when the Jury reached its verdict.


n/Pluto is at the Descendant angle, replacing the t/Pluto at the MC of the Return chart.  Chaos and upsets would occur.  At this point we have to remind ourselves as to what the Part of Fortune (PoF) in that Return chart indicates.  The relationship of the Moon to the Sun defines the manner in which we seek to balance our life.  The relationship of the PoF to the Ascendant points to how we can take action to achieve or express that balance which is so essential to our life.  Here, the t/PoF opposes t/N.Node, n/Uranus, n/Mars.  Chance and change (PoF) is dependant upon associations with others such as the jury (N. Node) and the developed nature of how we act (Mars) out our individuality (Uranus).  PoF opposite N.Node is a signature of a con-artist! Note that this pattern squares n/Sun and n/Mercury (how self-interests are articulated, ie lies).

The n/N.Node is at the Ascendant — doubling up the t/N.Node, it is all about “associations” and the values they represent.  Ebertin, through his book, Combinations of Stellar Influences (also known as COSI) equates the nodal axis to associations that we form and which bring changes and opportunities into our life.  This is the interpretation that I choose to use for the Nodes rather than Karmic meanings and other common views.  This “doubled up Nodes” pattern raises troubling questions!  Will this terrible case be the last we hear of Casey, or will her lies continue and lead to other unfortunate events.

Finally, note t/Jupiter at the Ascendant — good fortune is at hand.



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