Coca Cola: A New Twist On An Old Bottle Cap

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Coca Cola was incorporated in Atlanta, GA on Dec. 31, 1925 even though the company had been in business since 1919.  TV news has noted today that advertisements have been released (Jan. 14, 2013) that now promote a message of moderation and support for the public’s concern over sugar-related soft drinks.

Coca Cola’s advertisement notes that if one takes in calories and does not then expend those calories that a weight gain will result.  A very simple message that appears to place Coca Cola on the same perception path that the U.S. public is following concerning the battle against obesity.  However, one has to note that a sugar-calorie is not the same as other nutritional-value calories. Perhaps future advertisements will clarify this and expand the company’s position on public health and their product’s role in that issue.

A Moon-to-Sun 5th house Return chart is shown below.


The Fifth house t/Moon-to-n/Sun indicates, in part, “a risk taking approach through the promotion of the ideas of others (the public and media-supported battle against obesity).  Special skills (corporate image held by the public, and long-established use of advertising as an American icon) are the key to success.  The expression of one’s values.”

t/Neptune opposes the Asc., from the Descendant angle, indicating (among many things) an illusion for others.  n/Part-of-Fortune conjoins n/Pluto in the 12th house; a risk or “chance & change” will be taken in a private (12th house) manner to reshape that which the company fears (its iconic image being lost or damaged).

Not noticeable at first glance is a sort of juxtaposition between t/Sun opposite n/Moon and Moon conjoining n/Sun.   This is not a rare pattern, but it also is not that common of a pattern, happening only once or twice in several years time.  It suggests some form of struggle over how one keeps one’s balance in life — here, how can Coca Cola maintain its market share around the world while seemingly “migrating” its image to being “with the public’s concern over obesity”.

In the next post, I’ll advance this chart to Monday, Jan. 14th, 2013 when these positional advertisements appear to have hit the air waves with the Tuesday newscasts picking up on this new public-perception program of Coca Cola.  Comments on this important issue are welcome.   There can be many ways of looking at both the chart symbols and the public education being promoted by many interest groups.  Let us see what we might learn from this and other charts as well as the developing news and views of all interested parties.  Dave


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