Coca Cola: Drink less more often

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With its new advertising theme, Coca Cola seeks to link itself to moderation and also acceptance as a healthy drink.  Whatever that argument is in terms of a degree of being appropriate, Coca Cola has to shift with the market in order to prosper and live well.  Staying in the public mind is very important.  Staying in the public favour is also important.  In an age when trends come and go more quickly, every brand name is at risk.  The chart below is cast for the date, January 14th, when the new Coca Cola advertisements were released and reported on the TV news.


In this advanced Moon-to-Sun Return, set for Jan. 14th, 2013, we immediately note the t/Moon & t/Neptune on the Desc. angle:  an illusion (Neptune) is presented to the public (Moon).  Ideas, as advertising, can be viewed as an illusion or as a story.  The Moon is representative of the public as well as more personal concepts.

t/Sun (Coca Cola’s present self-interests) conjoins t/Mercury (the message of those self-interests) and opposes n/N.Node and n/Moon in the 11th:  Coca Cola seeks to link its message to an association (N.Node) in the public mind (n/Moon).

t/PoF (at 18 Libra) broadly squares n/Pluto and t/Mercury from the 2nd house: “Chance and change” relating to one’s resources and value may be challenged by how well the message is received.  n/Mars at the IC angle points to the aggressiveness of the company’s new push to keep Coca Cola, the beverage, within the public’s new ideas of what health is.  With t/Jupiter near the chart’s MC angle, this advertisement should be a positive one for Coca Cola.

Now, this is not an earth-shaking chart or a huge event, but this chart is a fine example of how we can look at mundane and minor events that occur every day in every area of our lives.  I find it helpful to take note of almost any news theme that can have a “birth date” and time attached to it, and to then run a chart or two to see what is displayed.  I learn so much from being curious.  Dave

In the next posting we will need to go back to Lance Armstrong and review his recent news-worthy activities plus his natal chart to explain his current actions.


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