Multiple Views of Bad News: Part One

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This post is the initial post of a series involving three characters; Charles Stuart, his wife Carol, and his brother Matthew.  In the course of this series, all three will be found to have died by various means; murder, suicide, drug overdose. The timed charts for all three are available and the various derived charts to be covered may include transits, secondary progressions, solar returns and progressed daily angles charts, Moon-to-Sun and advanced charts — the “multiple views” noted in this post’s title.  Over the past few years a great number of cyclic charts have been presented.  Very few “conventional” methodologies such as secondary progressions and transiting charts have been offered.  I feel that it is time to provide a little contrast in the many methods of prediction that might be utilized by many astrologers.

The events covered in this post-series commence in October of 1989 and in the months that immediately followed except for one person whose story ends more recently in 2011.  Charles Stuart was. at this time, a General Manager for a Boston, MA furrier located on trendy Newbury Street.  Carol Stuart, Charles’ wife, was working as a tax attorney and was carrying their first child.  Matthew Stuart was Charles’ brother.

The primary incident of this story occurred on Oct. 23, 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts.  A violent car-jacking attempt was reported to police.  Charles had been shot in the leg, Carol had been shot in the head.  The perpetrator was said to be an African-American male.  A news team arrived on the scene along with the police and filmed the ambulances removing the victims from their car.  We will first look at the natal chart and the Oct. 23, 1989 transits for Charles Stuart.  Charles Stuart was born Dec. 18, 1959 at 5:16 AM, Boston, MA 071w0337  42n2130.


Charles Stuart’s natal chart, shown above, has four planets rising in the first house.  Mercury is close upon the Ascendant, suggesting one who is engaged with others as a means of a communicative life style.  Mars follows, then Jupiter, with Mars being at the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter.  Mars = Mercury/Jupiter suggests (according to Ebertin’s COSI) “action guided by common sense, oratory, the execution of plans, a good critic, a discussion-speaker.  Speaking and acting in coordination, etc.”

Sun is a bit further into the first house, broadly positioned between Jupiter and Saturn;  His views, intent and actions are very much at the center of “the business of life” (Jupiter & Saturn as a pair).  An opportunist as well as a planner, one who is organized about how he conducts himself.  I find it interesting that Saturn is opposed by the Part of Fortune from the eighth house; are plans really thought through or are they based on false premises?  Mars squares Pluto in the 9th; one tends to overact, to not know when to stop or use moderation.  The trine between Pluto and Saturn can suggest a casualness about controlling one’s impulses.

One of the tools available to astrologers using purchased software is the availability of many tools that can help us to view a chart in greater detail or to form differing perspectives.  Below is a time line graph for a four day period around the Oct. 23rd, 1989 date, and which indicates transits to natal planets.  On my computer this graph is all in colors, in a file it has been turned to grayscale.


The colours and shading used in the on-screen chart are such that one can see when a transit (or a progression, when looking at a long-range scale chart) is intensifying.  The exact date is indicated on any bar-line area within the chart’s boundaries.  While it may be difficult to read here, I’ll offer comments on some of these transits.

t/Saturn close to n/Saturn (July 27 to Oct. 25 of 1989): during this first Saturn-Return period (age 28 to 30) he is taking life seriously, questioning major commitments and past decisions.  This is a period in which to reflect on where life might be taking you as a result of the past.

t/Saturn sextile n/Neptune (Sept. 19 to Nov. 1, 1989):  An increasing awareness of the needs of others, or their expectations of you, governs some of your thoughts now.

t/Mars sextile n/Uranus (Oct. 21 to Oct. 22, 1989):  Impulse, physical thrills and action have a strong appeal on these days.  Acting upon spontaneous impulses or crazy desires will lead to surprises.

t/Mercury sextile n/Jupiter (Oct. 21 to Oct. 22, 1989):  Optimism, hope and being forward looking brings into focus plans that you may put aside earlier.

t/Venus conjoining n/Jupiter (Oct. 21 to Oct. 23, 1989):  Feeling confident on high on yourself is fine, but others need to be included in this upward feeling period.  Over-extending oneself can be a bad thing.

t/Sun squaring n/Moon (Oct. 23 to Oct. 25, 1989):  Tension in your home life, conflicts between work demands and personal needs or unresolved emotional tangles are likely to arise now . . . a side of you which is usually hidden or in the background is likely to emerge now . . . (this is taken from the computer interpretation available with the time-line chart)

t/Mercury sextile n/Uranus (Oct. 24 to Oct. 25, 1989):  Predictable actions are not satisfactory, you want to break with the routine.  Impulse is the name of the game, today.

This is part of the new approach to prediction taken by some astrologers.  Basing one’s view of the charts on “canned” astrological software writings is both good and bad practice.  It is “good” in that one tends to not overlook any important details.  It is “bad” if it detracts from one’s own ability to understand what the symbolic message is.  Given that time is an important component of doing readings for friends, family and clients perhaps this new form of “reading” a chart has its place.  

So, on this date, we have seen the natal chart and its transits for Charles Stuart.  The event associated with this chart is the shooting of both Stuart and his wife Carol in a car-jacking attempt that was reported to the police.  There are many twists and turns to this famous local story.  You will not want to miss any of the following posts.  Dave.


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  1. dadsnook says:

    As I review the transit interpretations it is easy to see how these might fit the event in question, although some might not appear to be right. Yet, as the next few posts will show, all of these are appropriate. What is most important is that 1) the exact date of this event is not indicated unless we allow several days lee-way, and 2) if we were counselling Charles Stuart we could not “see” an event of this nature as the point of a prediction. However, we could see these few days as being very stressful, full of impulses to act, having disturbing or conflicting issues to deal with. Dave


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