Multiple Views of Bad News; Part 3

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Charles Stuart, on Oct. 23, 1989, found himself in a car with a gunshot wound in his leg, his pregnant wife beside him with a gunshot wound in her head. The medical teams arrived, both were taken to the hospital.  The Boston, MA police taped off the crime scene, interviewed witness and came to the hospital to take his statement.  For several weeks, the police looked in vain for the described gun man.  It came to be known at a later date that Charles himself was the shooter.  That was not then suspected as there was no gun found on his person, in the car or near the car.  It seemed apparent that a third person had done the shooting.

In this post, the prior precession corrected Tropical Solar Return will be examined along with a Progressed Daily Angles chart for that date.  The nature of using a Solar Return as a cyclic chart means that we hope to use this chart and the derived daily charts for predictive purposes.  Accordingly, the transits will be viewed as current opportunities for expression, experience, action.  The natal planets will be seen not as potential but as assumed-due-to-life-experience characteristics that may not be in sync with today’s views and events as they unfold and are experienced.

Charles 1988 SR-J

The S/R MC is in the natal 3rd at 23 Aquarius, the S/R Asc. is in the natal 7th at 19 Gemini.  As a general theme, the goal or status of Charles this year will be to take advantage of inspiration and sudden opportunities (n/Uranus on the S/R IC angle) relative to actions taken in his relationships (Asc. in the 7th).  His Sun-to-Sun return is in the first house, suggesting  he is preoccupied by his self-interests (Sun).  We should note that n/Sun is square the Nodal axis, so he is typically thinking about how he is affected by associations with others.

t/Venus conjoins n/Asc.; love and what he desires is on his agenda and mind this year. This pattern opposes t/Jupiter;  opportunities and gains are wrapped up with “other” people.  The question becomes, “how can I use others to get what I want?”  With Sun/Sun in the first house, close to the cusp of the 2nd, his self interests are his focus, and we might assume that there is some money-gain that might be involved.

How and when will all of this work out during the following year?  We don’t have to predict this as we know that Oct. 23, 1989 is the date when much happened to change the lives of all three Stuarts.  If we were to “predict” these events, we would use RIYAL software to present a hit list for every day of the following year — this list would show us the MC and Asc. for every day along with any transiting, natal or solar planets that were angular.  We would scan this list to find when natal and daily angles coincided, when the bodies in the S/R chart that were referred to above were angular.  Finding those ten or twenty days, we would use the GMT value to provide a “Comparison” chart (which we use as a Progressed Daily Angles chart) to see what each date provides.  Closely angular contacts will “time” the significant date, the close-to-angles planets will describe the nature of the event.  The context of his current on-going life will frame the interpretive approach taken to make our “prediction.”

Charles pda 10-23-1989-J

Within this PDA chart for Oct. 23, 1989 we find a highly significant pattern; the daily MC conjoining the natal IC.  Whenever a PDA angle contacts a natal angle, that date will be significant.  This particular pattern, using my new book Personal Prediction, states that one feels a compulsion to make wholesale changes in one’s life at this time. Often a lack of preparation forestall being able to change something.  The fear of missing an opportunity can lead to hasty actions and associated later regrets.  (This turned out to accurately describe what later happened).

t/Jupiter opposed to n/Sun suggests that advantages are to be gained through others. t/Pluto opposed n/Venus tells us that what is desired is what we reject and separate from.  Its a love-hate thing.  The complex pattern of Saturn/Neptune opposite n/Saturn; all of which opposes Asc./Jupiter has to be examined.  I would suggest that “responsibility, dreams and how others fit in with an expansion of one’s life” can start one along the path of understanding Charles Stuart’s mindset on this date.  Crazy thoughts, a lack of maturity and responsibility for his part in his wife’s pregnancy  acting in haste upon wild conceptions and dreams — all of this was running through his head.

Finally, we have we have t/Venus opposite the CD point (the point defined by an arc from the MC towards the Desc. that equals the Asc.-to-MC arc.  This is an “intrusion” point — if a planet is there it makes the MC the midpoint of that planet and the Asc., forcing the MC to modify its goals and perceived status.  In this case, t/Venus is opposite the CD point so is seen as resisting an intrusion.  What is this “intrusion?”  The soon-to-be-born baby is the intrusion.

What a mess.  The human story is tragic.  The astrological story is fascinating.  In the next post we will pursue this story through another window, and then later follow the whole story as it developed over time.  Dave


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