Pistorius; Tempest in a Teacup

Oscar Photo in court

On this date, Feb. 22, 2013 Oscar Pistorius was informed by the Magistrate that he could have bail granted, allowing him local freedom while the trial relating to the murder of his girlfriend was being prepared.  A great deal of public/world attention has been devoted to the several days of court theatrics, distractions and manoeuvring of the attorneys.  None of this has any impact on the evidence to be presented, the defence claims to be made in the upcoming trial.  What was notable was that in this pre-trial hearing the prosecution was a bit inept in making its case.  I doubt that this ineptness will be part of the trial.  

In this case, the question of bail and temporary freedom might be governed in astrological charts by the planet Saturn and its natal and current aspect-patterns.  The Moon-opposite-Sun Return chart occurred on Feb. 18, 2013 and is shown below.


Appropriately this t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun is on the 3rd to 9th house axis, Moon-in-the-3rd signifying talk and discussion while Sun-in-the-9th signifying the courts and legal system, as well as the intense international interest in this case.  This symbolism suggests that the “working” birth time that was established for Pistorius is serving our studies well.

t/Part-of-Fortune (t/PoF) is at the IC angle, a new situation can go either positive or negative for Oscar Pistorius.  Interesting is the t/PoF square n/PoF aspect, an aspect this is often found when extreme “chance and change” situations occur–this is not the case here in my opinion.

t/Sun squares n/Sun, conjoins n/Mars and t/Neptune, opposes n/MC (tentative MC position).  Sun square n/Sun indicates that one’s life purpose is in conflict between current and ongoing life directions.  Indeed, his life situation will be subject to disruption as the trial process moves ahead and possibly after the trial if he is to serve jail time.  His acts (t/Sun) involved his attitude to take action (n/Mars).  t/Neptune defines the confusion that currently exists over what happened in the course of this murder.

t/Mars conjoins n/Jupiter (notice that t/Jupiter conjoins t/Moon-opp-n/Sun: This amplifies the opportunities (Jupiter) and legal (Jupiter) situation being discussed and aggressively pursued.  Was his known anger management and competitiveness (the two go together, don’t they) part of a plan to seize an opportunity.  Note that n/Jupiter squares n/Saturn: how Oscar manages the “business of his life” is always a struggle (based on his pursuit of sports and the need to win to be successful).   t/Saturn has no difficult or hard aspects, therefore no “restrictions” (denial of bail) are likely.  I had noted this late last evening after returning from a meeting but there was no time to post this chart review at that time.

The Advanced chart for Feb. 22nd and the completion of the bail hearing is shown below.


We can note that t/Sun, t/Neptune and n/Mars are still grouped in the 12th house, as was the case in the Moon-opp-Sun chart.  However, perhaps we might see the Sun’s movement away from Neptune as meaning that confusion is being left behind and that clarity is now possible. t/PoF squares t/N.Node and n/Mercury in the 8th; We can say that “chance and change” will be shaped by associations (the N.Node equates to a few people he is in contact with) and how effectively his statements (Mercury) impresses them.

That is all there is to this chart.  A “minor impact” chart for a relatively “minor” situation.  A bail hearing is typically quite minor in nature.  It is only because of Pistorius’ celebrity and international interest that this bail hearing became so closely watched by the world.  The intense situation for Oscar Pistorius will come later this year.  Dave

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