Armstrong’s Obstinance-Soup-for-the-Soul


Obstinate: adj. (of people) stubbornly adhering to an opinion or purpose | stubbornly refusing to concede to reasonable arguments.  Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1989.

Obstinacy: Mars, Saturn, Uranus.  The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills, 1971

Lance Armstrong let last Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 2013 pass without taking the last opportunity to put his prior blood-doping (classed as drug use) practices before a close inspection and to engage cooperatively within a large-scale investigation in to illegal practices in world cycling competition.  This impressed me as Lance Armstrong being obstinate.  I had to immediately cast charts for him and this date, looking for Mars, Saturn and Uranus.  Imagine my initial surprise at his Feb. 12, 2013 Moon-opposite-Sun, 11-to-5, Return chart finding Pluto so visibly strong.  In this post I will review a Moon-opposite-Sun Return and an Advanced chart for Lance’s decision to go his own way.


The generic theme for Moon/11th opposite Sun/5th states, “Friends and groups, organizational efforts are engaged in for the purpose of achieving a common objective or to complete a community project.  Participation or involvement is required in the weeks ahead.  Your own special skills or identity may be the basis for these activities.  Objections to the intents or selfishness of others may be warranted.  There is a role to play whether one wants it or not.”  This and other theme-statements are taken directly for a in-the-works book on Moon-to-Sun Return charting.  All of this fully applies to Armstrong’s role in this attempt to obtain his participation in revealing doping and drug use in world cycling events.  Yet, Armstrong refuses to participate and thereby places himself in the position of never being allowed to enter a cycling event again as a condition for his refusal.  In my opinion, this is an example of gross obstinacy. 

  • “Solitary intensity of purpose” seems to be a perfect phrase for Lance’s n/Sun-n/Pluto pairing.  Talking and physical mobility are part of his purpose, as is indicated by n/Mercury conjoining n/Sun and n/Pluto.
  • This period will offer chances to totally redefine your role in the cycling world and change the perception of how corporate sponsors see you.  t/PoF opposite t/Pluto. This “links” to n/Sun-n/Pluto-n/Mercury; his whole life story of competitive cycling.
  • One is very private in their thoughts and interests, always planning ahead for contingencies while being aware of one’s role in the world around them and those that count on them.  n/Moon in a 12th house relationship to the n/Sun.
  • Lance’s “Business of Life” is very much in focus.  t/Jupiter conjoining n/Saturn at n/Asc.

And then I discovered the “obstinacy pattern” in Lance’s chart.  The midpoint of Mars at 8 Pisces and Uranus at 6 Aries has a 145 degree relationship (a square and a half) to 13 Scorpio — with t/Saturn at 11 Scorpio.  Midpoints are not normally used by myself in these charts, yet they have always shown themselves to be appropriate when discovered.  

The Advanced chart for Feb. 20th, 2013 will be explored in the next post.  Dave


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