Pope Benedict; Going, Going, Gone

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Today, Feb. 28, 2013 Pope Benedict left the Papacy.  This will be the first of three posts covering his p.c. 2012 Solar Return, his Feb. 11th announcement of his near-term retirement, and the Feb. 28th departure of the Pope from office and his entering into a life of prayer and study.

The charts used in this and following posts for Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angles charts utilize new revisions to the RIYAL software that is described in the chart calculations menu choice.  Those instructions will have to be updated in the coming days to address the many revisions for blog visitors who wish to use this program for themselves.

This first post will present the precession corrected Solar Return for 2012.

Benedict TSR 2012-J

Note that the transits are located in the outer wheel, natal planets inside.  The chart angles are orientated relative to the Solar Return, while the natal angles are placed by their location within the Solar Return’s orientation.

“This year presents concerns about one’s image and how much respect they feel they receive relative to views and goals.  This will remain in the “concern” category unless there are also angular planets (natal or transiting) in the chart — in this case concerns will express themselves as experiences or actions in which the involved planets will be part of those externalized experiences or self-initiated actions.  Reinforce one’s image.”  This is the generic book (Personal Prediction, page 75) interpretation for the natal MC being placed at the SR Ascendant angle.

If we relate the above statement to the rumours swirling about the Vatican of late, we might assume that the Pope’s advanced age and lowered stamina was not up to the task of effectively dealing with all of the problems facing him.  Perhaps it was an astute decision to put a fresh view, a fresh body, a fresh mind in the vortex of Vatican affairs.

Benedict’s emotional stability and reactive mechanisms were being stressed in terms of his public image as well as the duties of his office.  n/Moon at the s/r MC.  These unsettling pressures were due to having to deal with rumors, indirect threats of actions by others, and his sense that the purity of his guiding vision was being disintegrated and attacked. t/Moon conjoining t/Neptune opposite t/Mars.

Benedict’s life/office’s purpose was being stressed by the collective burdens being placed upon him by the organization and conditions he inherited.  Traditions and established practices in the Vatican were governed by a host of associations, making some decisions difficult to put in place and execute.  t/Sun, n/Sun opposite t/Saturn, 4th to 10th. n/Saturn conjoins t/N.Node (who we associate with).

Note that t/Neptune has passed the opposition to n/Neptune, that t/Pluto is approaching an opposition to n/Pluto, t/Uranus has just made its cycle passing n/Uranus and t/Saturn has a short time to go in order to complete it’s third Return cycle.  This man has had a lot of living under his hat.  I’ll leave the readers to consider what this Solar Return suggests relative to what the news media has reported, uncovered, and speculated about. Perhaps the meaning of the Solar Return will become clearer in future days and weeks.

I’ll try to post the daily charts for his retirement announcement and his leaving tomorrow and the next day while all the news is fresh.  Dave


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