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Queen Elizabeth II of England has been in the news again.  On Sunday, March 3rd 2013, she was hospitalized.  Gastroenteritis at age 86 has to be carefully watched, not that it is, in itself, dangerous but because so many other small complications might arise.  An overnight stay was enough to address the situation and she was released the next day.  Was she oblivious to the number of headlines, the minutes of TV commentary carried out thousands of times? The Queen is always “newsworthy” for her subjects and many others in the wider world. 

The statistics for this blog-site indicate that those who are currently in the news are most appreciated in terms of an astrological review.  So, the Queen is the pick of the day.  First, we need to look at her most recent Solar Return, April 21, 2012, a most extraordinary year for the Queen; her Diamond Jubilee Year and the London Olympics.  

Elizabeth SR 2012-J

We need to view this chart through the mind of a Queen, aged 86.  Even though the Queen is only a decade older than myself, I find it hard to put my mind into her thoughts and place in life.  My readers will have to give me some leeway on this.

The Queen is facing and enjoying an intensity of appreciation for all in life that she loves and holds as valued experiences.  She will appreciate the pleasures of life.  t/Venus square n/Venus which in turn trines n/Pluto.

Elizabeth is very mindful and deeply feeling about her image and her purpose in life, and the role that she full-fills.  She appreciates the perks of her office and will seek to enjoy them to the fullest.  t/Moon conjoins t/Sun at n/Sun in the S/R second house.

The Queen will, with the assistance of others, direct and apply her energy for drama and personal image.  The Queen herself will be part of the drama that others see.  t/Mars opposite t/Neptune, broadly angular with n/Neptune at the Desc. angle.  For her majesty, I believe Mars (her actions) can be actions-under-her-command.  The two Neptunes, broadly opposed, will signify for a Queen the drama and image of her office and head of state.  Since n/Mars conjoins n/Jupiter, here in the S/R 12th house, I would see this as her hidden hand to enlarge a private celebration by including everyone.  This is quite contrary to a 12th house position, but this is the Queen who has no hesitation to make a private celebration a public party.  The Diamond Jubilee had to be a spectacle long in the planning.

Thoughts about her unique position and a last-great opportunity to show herself off is a hallmark of her individuality.  t/Mercury and t/Uranus are in the 2nd house of pleasure and valued possessions.  I’m thinking that, at age 86, she is collecting valued experiences as if they were possessions — keepsakes for her heart and service to the country as an icon.

We can, for now, skip over all of the excitement of the Diamond Jubilee celebration and the London Olympics, and move to the date of her hospitalization.  Will the Progressed Daily Angles chart (a cycle chart for the Solar Return) show much for a minor inconvenience such as a stomach ache?

Elizabeth PDA 3-03-2013-J

On this day the Queen will be in the spotlight or seen as justifying her position for better or worse. She could find herself in a position of speaking for herself or another in a public venue.  n/Asc. at the t/MC.  This statement is paraphrased to fit the Queen and is taken from my book, Personal Prediction, page 79.  Whenever an angle contacts an angle between the natal and Progressed Daily Angles chart, that sets the tone for that day’s interpretation.

Limitations affecting her status will be imposed by others.  t/Saturn at the Desc. angle and n/Saturn at the n/MC.  The presence of one planet (natal or transiting) at an angle should prompt us to look at its counterpart planets (transiting or natal) to see what it is signifying.   I call this “astrological hopscotch” and it is a technique that works well in cyclic charting.

The Queen will be responsive to others on issues relating to her office and role in that office.  t/Moon conjoining n/Saturn at n/MC, all in the 7th.  We can mix up this symbolism any way we want but we have two Saturn’s in the 7th house, limitations on oneself and limitations (or advice) by others, all in a serious vein.  I am supposing that the Queen is used to having a small personal contingent make a lot of decisions for her.  In this case the advice was to go to the hospital and have her discomfort checked out.

This day would involve some quiet time for the Queen, or an opportunity to engage in private thought and planning.  n/Sun in the t/12th house.  This period was probably one of private worry for the Queen and those close to her.  t/Pluto opposite n/Pluto across the vertical MC/IC axis.  Like the Pope, one doesn’t often (if ever) get to experience a Pluto opposition.  This could have been a transformational experience if not managed correctly.  Perhaps there was much more behind this event, such as prior events of this nature, that prompted great caution.



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