Ellen, Part 3: Love & A Changed Life

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This post will be the first of three in a sub-set of chart reviews relating to Ellen’s year of 1997.  Her p.c. S/R chart of 1997 and two Progressed Daily Angles charts for later in the year will be shown and discussed.  For those interested in S/R charting and in-between daily charting, these charts will provide both interest and a learning challenge.

The year of 1997 marked Ellen’s 39th year, a most auspicious year for anyone.  In this 39th year the natal angles are re-established in the Solar Return chart.  In other words, one is “born again” and the natal imprint can be modified by the transiting planets.  In this critical 39th year, many have died or been killed, has serious accidents, or — as in Ellen’s case — had their life turned around in some way.

Ellen SR 1997-J

This will be a memorable year in Ellen Degeneres’ life, she will be subject to a major life upheaval of some type.  Typically this 39th year of life brings death, accidents, great fortune or events that shift the course of one’s life.  Since her relocation to Beverly Hills has caused her n/Pluto to shift to the MC angle, we would expect her to strive for success or for power and causing irrevocable change in some manner.  n/Pluto at n/MC.  All of this is due to her move to California which has shifted her life.  This 39th year finds the natal imprint realigned with the annual p.c. Solar Return, Life will be changed. Asc. to Asc. and MC to MC.

The coming together of n/MC, t/MC, n/Pluto and t/Moon can be interpreted in any of several ways but if we stay within the context of Ellen’s life we might say, “This is a year to achieve success in some way, to exercise control relating to your emotions, women and the public.”  Later in this year Ellen would have a significant lesbian affair and follow it up with a public disclosure.

When  the chart’s angles are populated by a planet or planets, we look to the corresponding natal or transiting version of that planet to see what they are aspecting.  N/Moon is in the S/R 5th and squares t/Venus;  the 5th house and Venus suggest a challenge of love is in her near future.  We can expect that this emotional conflict in her life will become a great challenge for her due to n/Pluto squaring t/Pluto, s/r 10th to s/r 1st houses.  Her image in public life will mirror her daily life.

Although there is much more to this chart, for predictive purposes the “theme” of the following year has been set by 1) the return of the S/R angles to the relocated natal angles, 2) the presence of n/Pluto at the MC squaring t/Pluto in the first house, 3) t/Moon at the MC angle, with n/Moon squaring t/Moon from the 5th to the 2nd/3rd house.  This tells the story of the year.  For predictive purposes, everything else in the chart can be ignored.

Opinion:  The fascinating story from the next two daily charts will be interesting.  The readers should note that I am not going to address lesbian issues or astrological signatures for this phenomena.  I don’t believe there is a signature for this form of feeling/expression that is common to any extent.  Although I have noted Uranus as a strong factor in several gay/lesbian charts, that planet seems to work better interpretively as expressing “individuality” and someone who “thinks out side of the box, is mentally active.”  The human personality is difficult to define when one has only ten or fifteen major symbols as an “alphabet” to describe human life.  To give up one-or-two symbols to define a narrow condition of experience is too much to expect.  We will see what we see.  Dave


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