Part 5: Ellen Makes A Public Declaration

Ellen-Photo-6 On April 30th, 1997, some five weeks after her romantic affair with Anne Heche, Ellen made a public announcement about her feelings and her new love.  

It was likely that Ellen had a lot to sort out about her feelings, her perceived new public status and its impact on her career and relationship with the public.  In any case, the chart for this date’s announcement has a great deal more, in astrological content, to offer than the chart we reviewed in the last post.

Ellen 4-30-1997-J

Chart Comments

The MC for April 30th has advanced from the March 23rd position at 10 Scorpio to 23 Sag, the Asc. has advanced from 21 Cap to 18 Pisces.  Of significance is the MC bracketed by n/Mars and n/Saturn; Ellen’s natal “slow and go” mechanism (Mars conjoining Saturn) expresses itself as “careful plotting prior to taking specific action” if time and circumstances permit.  In this case, she had five weeks to think about her course of action.

We can play astrological hopscotch and peek at the n/MC conjoining n/Pluto squaring t/Pluto;  Ellen has always had an issue to pursue relative to her image and fame given her natal MC and now this date’s MC, each having a “companion.” If we go with the concept of a natal planet representing (for an adult) an established pattern of expression, we might choose keywords such as “accomplices, anonymously conducted activities, guilt and rejuvenation, lust/curiosity, sensuality, soul liberation — taken from Rex Bills “The Rulership Book.”   As an “activating force” of the moment, Pluto can be seen as “a collective ideal, a ‘life after death’, defiance, ecstasy, that which is exclusive, new beginnings.”  From just these word-concepts, one might think that this was a complex issue for Ellen comprised of her “breaking out of a mold”, becoming someone with an exciting and intriguing lifestyle, a desire to be seen as someone different.”  This might party result in being driven to place herself into a showcase lifestyle as a means of being a celebrity.  The person, the job and the image is all part of one big knotted situation.

The acting trigger for this announcement was MC, n/Mars, n/Saturn.  So, we jump over to t/Mars at the Descendant angle.  What might this signify?  Someone acted aggressively?  Given Ellen’s natal control element (n/Pluto at n/MC), I would suspect that Ellen was the one who acted to promote this situation.  In order to test this, we would need to look at Anne Heche’s chart.  I haven’t looked at that chart, but I think that would be a good thing to do in the next post…this is starting to become interesting.  I am writing this without any prior awareness or study of Ann’s chart or a study of their relationship.  This is the way astrology should be pursued — throw yourself into it just to see where it leads.

One last interesting observation; t/Mercury opposing the n/Asc.  This smack of one making a proposal or seeking to bargain or trade for something.  Yes, there had to be some scheming going on in the five weeks between the chart that didn’t show anything and this chart which showed everything.  Was something being contrived here?


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