Part 6: Anne Heche initiates an affair with Ellen Degeneres

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After a bit of reading it appears that Anne initiated the love affair with Ellen, not the other way around.  On March 23, during the Oscar awards, Anne Heche met Ellen and immediately was strongly attracted to her even though she had no history of gay leanings.  Ellen was receptive to the proposal.

This story, astrologically, become highly interesting in terms of the chart interaction.  We will start with Anne Heche’s p.c. 1966 Solar Return chart.  The MC of Anne’s 1966 S/R matches the Asc. of Ellen’s 1997 S/R chart — both prior to their shared experiences.  Anne’s MC was at 19:14 Scorpio, Ellen’s Asc. was at 20:23 Scorpio, only a 1:09 separation.  This is a powerful linkage.

Heche's SR 1996-J

Of primary interest is the Asc. and IC angles.  The S/R Asc. conjoins t/Uranus and t/Neptune:  Excitement, drama, fantasy, surprise is the order of the day.  Now, we turn our attention to the IC angle which conjoins t/Mars and t/Mercury: Quick decisions  and an aggressive attitude bring new situations into being.  (I am choosing keywords that fit the context of the time.  In other cases, t/Mars & t/Mercury could indicate a head cold.

If we play astrological hopscotch we find n/Asc. opposing n/Moon.  Of the many likely meanings we could pick one; Anne enjoys the company of other women.  On this date, the t/Moon squares t/Pluto which conjoins n/Neptune — we have a chain of similar components:  t/Asc., n/Asc., t/Neptune, n/Neptune, n/Moon, t/Moon.  If we look at t/Mars and t/Mercury (conjoined) we can note n/Mercury opposite n/Mars.  Anne has her ability to understand when and how to act (n/Mercury vs n/Mars) and this year will offer a time to act.

If we were to talk with Anne Heche at this time, all we would need to say about this chart is that her upcoming year would be eventful, fun, dramatic and present her with opportunities to meet and talk with many others that would have significance in her life — this would be expected for an actress, so I’m sure such words would not impress her.  Yet, that is what the chart indicates.  Let us now look at a progressed daily angles chart for March 23, 1997 when Anne met Ellen during the Oscar awards ceremony.

Anne 3-23-1997-J

Again, a highly energized chart.  Ellen’s chart for this date was quite uneventful and quiet compared to this chart.  One can immediately see that Anne would be the instigator, not Ellen.  I should have looked at these charts earlier.  First, we can note n/Sun & n/Mercury at the IC angle:  Anne’s self-interests (Sun) are always on her mind (Mercury) and she can express herself well.  The opposition to n/Mars at the chart’s MC, and t/Pluto,  brings an intensity and impulse to “control” and succeed those whom she has contact with.  If we hopscotch over to t/Mars & t/Moon (conjoined) we find those bodies conjoining n/Pluto, n/Jupiter, n/Uranus.  This date triggers the S/R components, involving a host of planet-linked words: women, opportunity, surprises, action, an association (t/N.Node), success and control (Pluto).  Of interest is the opposition between n/N.Node and t/N.Node suggesting a fated meeting between two people.

In summary, it is Anne’s chart that are active on this meeting date between her and Ellen Degeneres.  She is a very self-possessed women, knows her own mind and sets her own directions in life.  She is prone to acting on her thoughts.  In the next post we will look more closely at how she handled Ellen’s public announcement of their affair.  This occurred some five weeks later.  Given that this love affair with another woman was a “first” for Anne, it is likely that both of them needed some time to assure themselves of how they felt and to plan to deal with any controversy with their friends.  After all, such relationships were quite common in Hollywood, even in 1997.  Perhaps we might say that gay relationships were also “trendy”.  Who knows.  In any case, an intense and new relationship with another person is a momentous event, life changing in so many ways.

These charts and data can be found in Astrodatabank, like so many charts that our community of astrologers use.  The photos used are often taken from Google images. Thanks for visiting my site.  Dave

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