Part 7; Anne Heche & Ellen Degeneres make an announcement


On April 30, 1997 Ellen Degeneres made an announcement about a very private situation — her love affair with actress Anne Heche which had been initiated a month earlier.

 Celebrities often gain attention and notoriety for ordinary situations.  Not that a lesbian affair was “ordinary” for most of the US in 1997, but it was certainly common enough in California to not be considered “earth-shaking.” My first thought was that this was another “Ellen” stunt to confirm her celebrity status.  Hollywood has had many personalities who were seen as “famous for being famous.”  Keeping up her image of being a unique star with a TV following was part of her being able to be a TV celebrity.  In this post we will look at April 30th’s announcement by Ellen from Anne’s astrological point of view.

Anne Diurnal 4-30-1997-J

The chart above is a Diurnal chart.  For those who are not familiar with this form of charting, a Diurnal chart is constructed using the same time (Hours, Minutes) and location (Longitude, Latitude) as the birth chart or the relocated chart and then using a specific date which can represent a past date or a future date to be reviewed. As time allows I expect to put examples of these calculations in the RIYAL calculations section.  Let us now examine the main components of this chart.

t/Uranus on the Asc.; surprises and individuality will be experienced.  n/Neptune on the MC;  Anne’s fantasy is shaping her goals.  One of my favourite techniques is to “hopscotch” or jump to the transiting/natal counter-version of a planet in question — in this case t/Neptune and n/Uranus.  t/Neptune is in the 12th house of secrets; Is this formerly “hidden” situation being brought forward for reasons of personal idealism?  n/Uranus conjoins n/Jupiter in the 8th;  A surprising opportunity for expanding one’s “presence” is at hand — would most Hollywood people jump for this situation?

t/Part of Fortune (not shown in RIYAL charts) is at 16 Taurus, conjoining t/Venus; This is in the 3rd house, an expression of love is talked of.

We can also look at a Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date.

Anne Diurnal 4-30-1997-J

In this chart the angles are progressed from the prior p.c. Solar Return at a rate of 1.25 degrees per day (the MC).  These charts are strictly “attitude, actions, situations, events” charts since they are driven by the Sun-cycle and the MC-cycle (our self-interests and our goals).  Here, t/Mercury conjoins n/Saturn at the Asc.; a planned communication is made.  t/Sun in the first; doing what one wants to do, squaring t/Uranus in the 10th; self-interests have a surprising and unique challenge to deal with.

If we once again go to our astrological hopscotch technique for the planets already covered (t/Mercury, n/Saturn, t/Sun, t/Uranus) what will we find?  n/Mercury conjoins n/Sun in the 2nd house; Mercury is ahead of the Sun, what is learned or thought about is not governed by past experiences, only guided.  t/Saturn in the 12th; suggests a strategy that was kept private but which will impact one’s career (square to the MC). n/Uranus does not aspect other planets other than it’s conjunction with n/Jupiter, but it does draw our attention to t/N.Node opposing n/N.Node.  A nodal opposition occurs 9.5 years after a nodal return, and is 19 years later/earlier than the last nodal return.  These are rare life-time events—at her age, 28, this is her 2nd N.Nodal opposition.  She will be shaping her personal, inner, spiritual life for the next 9 years.  What will she reap in this period?  n/Jupiter aligned with this nodal axis promises great opportunities ahead for Anne.  Time has proven this to be true as she has gone on in these past few years to do more acting but also to make her mark in directing films.  She moved on past her “Ellen” period and has re-entered into more conventional relationships and has a family.

Our story of Ellen’s adventures will continue with the next post unless an event of some magical level interrupts us.  Dave.


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