Ellen; Part 8. Essay On Viewing Charts Within The Context Of One’s Life

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We have reviewed a number of charts for Ellen, some for Anne, and we may have lost sight of how these charts relate to their lives.  Context is the word to keep in mind.  In this post I will use Moon-to-Sun Returns and their Advanced charts to follow a probable set of interactions between Ellen and Anne over the late March to April period in 1997.  While these are somewhat “made up”, the intent is to show students and users of these cyclic charts how I might see similar charts for a person with whom I could interact with.

On March 19, 1997, Ellen had a t/Moon-opposing-n/Sun return, 8th to 2nd house.  Within the context of that period in Ellen’s life, this would translate to a period marked by “changes in family plans, emotional issues or contracts and understandings that are reaching a critical point. Self-serving decisions may be chained to emotional needs that might not be easy to reconcile.”

It was a few days later when Ellen met Anne Heche at the Oscar awards ceremony, when Anne was reported to have said, “within minutes I had my hands all over her (Ellen), I had never been so attracted to a woman before.”  Ellen was predisposed to relationships with women but Anne had never before been so inclined.  This fits with the “theme” statement given above.  t/Mars was 5 degrees above the Asc.; Ellen would be “attacked” in some way.  t/PoF conjoined n/N.Node; chance would bring a new associate into her life.

That chart, when advanced to the date of the Oscar awards on the 23rd, found t/Moon at the n/Mars position in the 12th; emotional responses would stir “things” up.  One’s sense of being in charge might be subject to being shaken.  t/PoF in the 6th opposes t/Pluto; chance and change needs to be managed and countered.

By March 30, 1997 (using the Moon-to-Sun returns and advanced charts to track this situation), the t/Moon conjoined n/Mars in the 12th.  A week after this affair started it seems that the emotional excitement was still at its peak.  One could imagine that Anne was still trying to sort out her intense feelings for Ellen while Ellen was trying to steer this new-found relationship into her ongoing life-style and schedule.  In the Advanced chart for this date, the Asc. conjoins n/Mercury and t/Mercury is at the IC angle; talking out the immediate actions and feelings in the relationship compared to the required changes in each of their individual life-styles, family and friends/community was being dealt with.  t/Moon, on this date conjoined t/Neptune in the 1st house along with t/Uranus and n/PoF. The fantasy-love-life was still in full-swing.

On April 2nd, a Moon-to-Sun Return occurred in the 10th house.  The whole situation was now different, the “theme” suggesting that Ellen would get out in front of the curve, lead the way for Anne while attempting to avoid the public eye for personal concerns while maintaining a public presence for one’s professional life.  This period could also include concern over unwanted attention and being placed into a dangerous situation.”

With t/Moon conjoining t/Uranus and n/Sun, n/Venus, there had to be some effort to bridge public and career activities with time to deal with private issues.  t/Mercury was just 6 degrees above the Asc., suggesting a behind the scenes dialogue was going on.  This view is amplified by n/N.Node being opposite the Asc. in this chart — dealing with an associate.

As we follow the chart into mid-month, we find a Moon-opposite-Sun Return on April 15th, in the 3rd-to-9th houses.  This “theme” suggests that Ellen “finds it hard to leave problems at home while taking on other projects.  Having qualms about sharing information . . . keeping tabs via phone on others, seeking advice for your own use or benefit.  Learning and experiences involve giving of oneself in exchange for what one gains from others.

It is clear that this would be a period of negotiation between Ellen and Anne.  t/MC is in opposition to Ellen’s n/MC; a give and take of how to fit the new with the old.   By April 19th, n/Saturn was exactly opposite the t/Asc.; Ellen’s liabilities and rules for running her life were being negotiated.  One gets the impression that Anne’s enthusiasm had to be managed by Ellen so as to both support the relationship without upsetting Ellen’s life. The t/Pof conjoined the Asc. and the t/Sun squared the n/PoF.  Chance and change were being hammered out and confronted.  From this, it seems that the long delay of five weeks was necessary for both of them to come up with a plan to include this new and intense affair within their respective careers and family/community of friends.

On April 29th, one day before Ellen’s public announcement, there was a t/Moon-conjoining-n/Sun Return in the 6th house of the Return chart.  This points to how one will “make adjustments, establish procedures, to prepare for a challenge.  One has to remain within the capabilities of oneself, even in helping others.”  The chart’s Asc. conjoined n/Pluto and n/MC, Ellen would have her ducks in a row, so to speak.  The t/PoF was at the MC of the chart, there would be changes in Ellen’s public position.  The t/Moon in this Return chart conjoined t/Uranus, great excitement, pride and a happiness to have all thing in the open would be seen in this combination.

Remember, this exploration of the Return and Advanced charts during this period was supplied for the purpose of illustrating how one would track likely events in one’s life using these charts.  The context of one’s life has to be adopted into the chart reading, and vice-versa.  The astrological symbols can’t be just read out of a cook book.  They have to be fitted to the person and how that person can express them within their ongoing activities and based on their experience over time.  Context is required to do predictive work.  Dave






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