Marvin Gaye: A Tragic Start In Life, A Tragic Ending

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Marvin Gaye is known to almost everyone in the U.S. and many other places for his long career as one of Motown’s greatest singing legends.  As much as you and I love his many hit songs, my purpose in this post is to ask this question: “Do astrological charts show the danger or event for the victim?”  Let us back up a bit and look at a small part of Marvin’s life.  From the age of seven, his father frequently beat Marvin.  His father was a strict and highly religious man with his own strange moral code and weird personal behaviour   It was said that he was jealous of his grown son’s great success and not pleased with the management of his legal and financial affairs.  The day before Marvin’s 45th birthday, he and his father argued.  While being comforted and talking with his mother, Marvin’s father shot him.  Marvin died at the hospital a short time later.


This chart is a Moon-to-Sun Return, t/Moon and n/Sun in the first house.  Transits are shown within the inner wheel, natal planets are in the outer wheel, a convention that permits the transits (inner wheel) to be advanced to following days as needed. This chart is further highlighted by the New Moon at the n/Sun’s position, adding greatly to the powerful significance of this cyclic chart.  Book interpretations give this pattern definitions that are just what you might expect:  “1) Pride and self-interests along with high emotions . . . 2) Hast can place you into curious and untenable situations . . . 3) One can find themselves in quickly changing conditions . . .”

As for the specific patterns in the chart, the most interesting is t/Part of Fortune at the Ascendant; “Chance and change” can be experienced up-close and personal on this day.” t/PoF square n/Mars and the MC; (natal planets reflect the energy/expression of that symbol as we have come to know it and live it).  Marvin was beaten as a child by his father and his animosity towards his father never lessened.  t/Jupiter and t/Neptune bracket the MC angle; idealism and larger issues guide the situation.  The n/MC is at the midpoint of the Return chart’s Asc./MC midpoint; Marvin’s “here and now” experience of this day will relate to his status, goals, career.

Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump to n/PoF and find it conjoined by t/Mars.  Marvin’s own sense of presence is angry/upset by what the day’s situation is throwing at him (arguments and intrusiveness into his affairs by his father).

t/Moon conjoining n/Sun, enhanced by the presence of the t/Sun (this was the day before his birthday so his annual Solar Return was close at hand) highlights personal experiences, decisions and self-interests on this date.

In previous posts it was noted that the day of, or the first few days after, a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return seemed to correlate with the most intense days out of the Return-cycle’s half-month period.  This was the day of the Moon-to-Sun Return, increasing the intensity of this date.  n/Mercury was conjoined by the t/Moon, t/Sun, n/Sun.  If we play astrological hopscotch and look at t/Mercury, we find it opposing t/Pluto which squares n/Pluto: this was a fated day where two people (two Pluto’s) would seek to control the other.

This is one of the toughest Moon-to-Sun Return charts I have seen lately.  It is very powerful due to 1) the angular Moon-Sun-Sun pattern, 2) the t/PoF at the Asc., 3) t/Mars conjoining n/PoF, 4) t/PoF square n/Mars and MC, 5) t/Mercury opposing t/Pluto, 6) n/Pluto square t/Pluto.

Murder?  Not specifically shown, but powerfully indicated.  It all boils down to how we, as astrologers, tend to view how Pluto is brought into personal perspective in our charts.  Many do not see Pluto as being other than a social force affecting world and institutional trends.  Yet, Pluto also represents a striving for success, seeking power, being reclusive and hidden until it is time to strike and wreak havoc.

In these Moon-to-Sun charts, we need to view the chart as showing how we seek to maintain or re-establish balance in our life relative to the events we encounter.  Here, the PoF indicates our balance will be upset and upset our life as we experience it.  It also shows (n/PoF and t/Mars) that anger over one’s position and stance in life (Mars) will be the agent of chance and change.  What are your thoughts on this issue?  Dave







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