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Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood social rebel, less-than-top-tier-actress, self-focused, queen-of-self-destruction.  The list could be extended, but the image that she has created for herself is now well-known.  Lindsay Lohan was born July 2, 1986 at 9:50 PM DST, Bronx, New York.  The charts of people like Lindsay often prove interesting to study because they “live life large”, exaggerating situations and their behaviour in those situations.  They greatly disappoint their supporters and family, while pleasing the press and super-market tabloids. I will look first at her natal chart, then her chart relocated to Los Angeles to see what changes for her.














This Bronx, NY natal chart has Mercury opp. Ascendant, Moon opp. MC. Together, this angular pairing suggests one who blends emotions and thought together, able to both visualize and feel situations before and as they develop, one who thrills at the experiences that life immerses her in.  Mercury at the Desc. tells us she is communicative and social when interacting with others while Moon at the IC suggests she has a need for quiet time and places to regroup, that she enjoys whatever and where ever “home” is.

Another interesting pattern is Part of Fortune conjoining Uranus in the 11th; this is a “I’ll take a chance if you take a chance” dare.  How would you raise a child who seemed to have no self-restraint?  Sun in the 6th opposes, broadly, Neptune in the 12th; this is an “enigma” in that the Sun/6th suggests one who is obedient, caring, hard working, seeking to please (at a young age) while Neptune/12th suggests that Lindsay had her own visions of an alternative life, even at a young age. How would dreaming of something great while feeling locked up in routine play out?  This is the secret to her later-life rebelliousness.   Let’s now look at her LA based natal chart to see what changes.














There are significant differences when we move three time zones west.  First, Sun is in the 7th, Neptune in the 1st; Lindsay is socially free to interact with others, to show herself, to see others.  Better still, she can envision and work directly with others who are looking for fantasies and visions of their own.  This Hollywood is the place for a Sun-opp-Neptune person, lots of people who are dream-weavers there.  Lindsay is at home.

Not surprisingly, since the Ascendant has moved with this chart, Part-of-Fortune now conjoins Pluto in the 10th; Lindsay finds that she can indirectly manage others through her own behaviour and example.  This pairing squares Mercury, she will talk others into or out of positions and favours.  Mercury in this position is analytical and offers deep insights into what others want from you and what price they will pay.  Again, this fits with her “manipulation” factor.

Uranus is now on the Ascendant; her whole life can now be in “take a chance” mode, being unpredictable, expressing her uniqueness to the extreme.   Uranus, Venus, N.Node all form a loose grand-trine pattern; So, we can blend warm-and-fuzzy with social connections easily made, and with surprises and a delightful personality.  The makings of a star — and a con-man.

In future posts we might be able to explore some of the recent and current events in her life to see how these traits play out.  Dave















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