Boston Terrorists Killed & Captured

Swat Team Photo

The city of Boston, Massachusetts went to extraordinary lengths in its response to the Marathon bombing, closing the city streets, the entire transportation network.  Cameras from store, street, traffic and people were all analysed by teams of FBI specialists using face recognition software.  With poor-to-none levels of planning, the two brothers who carried out the attack had no money and ability to leave the area.  Confused, the older brother steered their efforts toward robbery and ambushing a police officer in order to obtain money and weapons.  By Thursday (April 18th) evening, their plans to both carry out more terrorism or to escape unravelled.  They were tracked by a cell phone left in their stolen car by the owner, found and engaged in a shoot out.  The older brother was shot, then run over by the younger brother in an effort to escape.  Escape was accomplished.  The area was sealed off and searched house by house. Wounded, the surviving brother hid just outside of the sealed off area.  The next day, the search ended, and the public was allowed to leave their homes.  This was the moment when his hiding place was found, the police called, and a capture made.

Let us look at the advanced chart for the April 19th capture of the remaining terrorist.











In these charts it is useful to treat the cyclic planets (or in this case the Saturn-Pluto conjunction) to be interpreted as the nature of terrorism or the terrorists.  The transiting planets (inner wheel) will be the situation — the situation after the bombing being the social structure arrayed against the act of terrorism.  t/Sun & t/Mars at the Asc. points to society’s intent (Sun) to act (Ascendant) aggressively (Mars) in opposition to the terrorists (c/Saturn & c/Pluto).

These following patterns can be read as fitting the situation:  t/Part of Fortune conjoining t/Moon — the situation is upset (t/PoF) by people’s reactions (the public being released to go outside and being urged to be vigilant) squares t/Saturn (being required to be on the look out for anything strange or a person who is suspicious). This t/Saturn conjoins c/Mercury (constraining another’s plans).  If we play astrological hopscotch we will look for t/Mercury.  t/Mercury conjoins t/Uranus and c/MC. We might say individual or sudden perception (Mercury/Uranus) about the terrorist’s status (c/MC) represents a curious citizen’s observation of his boat’s covering tarp being altered and blood splatter being visible.

There are a lot of ways to spin this symbolism, and that is exactly what I’m doing.  We can learn a bit about astrology by engaging in this type of effort.  Do you, the reader, do this?  Can you see the situation in these chart patterns?  Would you read this chart differently?  As astrologers, as students, we all have to be prepared to recognize when we can’t function at 100%, when we have to feel our way through the chart.  Dave





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