Jackie Robinson: The Movie, The Man, The Baseball Player

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“42” — the movie about Jackie Robinson, the first black player in major league baseball, is now coming to theatres in the U.S.  Jackie was born Jan. 31, 1919 in Cairo, GA at 6:30 PM, EST.  The charts used in this posting have been relocated to Brooklyn, NY where he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers for the bulk of his career.  Jackie was an accomplished athlete inserted into a high-visibility situation.  He succeeded to excel at baseball and as a person by every measure, winning numerous awards and the admiration of baseball fans everywhere.


The chart above is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for April 14, 1947.  The relocated natal data is shown along with the Moon return data.  Note that the “Return” occurred at 9:58:24 PM.  When the chart is advanced to April 15th, his first appearance in a Dodger uniform as MLB’s first black player, this same time will be used.  Only the date is changed to arrive at the “advanced” chart for the event date.

As always, the first interpretive step is to note the Moon-to-Sun position and the “theme” that it suggests for the next two weeks:  “An emotional focus is upon one’s possessions and personal values, heritage or opportunities presents you with cautionary concerns and inner satisfaction.”  Or, we could say that what pleases one has both an emotional and a logical side.  Jackie had every reason to be pleased with himself on this date, having achieved fame for what he was and not for what he appeared to be.

In this chart we note that natal Sun conjoins natal Moon (the natal planets are shown in the outer wheel, transits inside).  This signifies one who is a “look-at-me” personality, one who like to be the center of  attraction due to what he/she does.  This makes Jackie especially aligned to Moon-to-Sun Return charting techniques.  Moon-Moon-Sun lies opposite t/Pluto in the 8th:  Robinson’s range of feelings and self-interests were aware (the opposition) of the society changing effect (Pluto) that he represented.  He would do well in meeting this challenge.  n/MC is at the Descendant; his career and personal goals is in the hands of the public and his team mates. — the “others” in his life.  Note now the t/Part of Fortune at the MC:  Chance and change (the PoF) is part of what is goals and opportunities (the MC) have placed before him.  t/PoF opposes t/Mercury and t/Venus:  Social contacts, forming one’s own impression for others, bonding to the public — these are all suggested by this pattern.

The above few elements found in this chart are all we need to know about this date and this next few weeks about Jackie Robinson, given the context of his life at this time.  The next chart is for April 15th, one day later.  This “advanced” chart will present us with a few changes that may better reflect that date’s personal meaning for Jackie.


Note that this “advanced-by-one-day” chart has the same time (9:59:24 PM) as the former Moon-to-Sun chart.  Only the date has changed.  Anyone who can cast a Moon-to-Sun Return chart can create an “advanced” chart such as this one.  So, what has changed?

t/Moon has advanced to conjoin n/Uranus, square t/Jupiter, oppose n/Saturn.  Quite a pattern.  t/Moon-square-t/Jupiter points to great emotional stress and opportunity, excitement unbounded, happy tension.  t/Moon conjoining n/Uranus suggests being on an emotional high.  Note that n/Uranus is on his n/Ascendant (when relocated to Brooklyn, NY), so he tends to be naturally pleased and excited by others when he is in their spotlight.  The MC opposes Mercury/Venus; highlighting the “bonding” with the public.  n/MC (one day later) is still at the Descendant squaring n/Mars:  He will fight to achieve his goals

All in all, given the context of his life (given a chance to play major league baseball before a metropolitan and national audience) as the first black baseball player, these charts are most informative.    We will pursue his career over the next several posts unless some public event or personage makes news that is of astrological interests.  Dave.



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