Jackie Robinson, Part 2: Before His First MLB Game

JR Photo-1Jackie Robinson didn’t just show up at first base in 1947 as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  His story started in his early youth, but this post will explore his introduction to the Dodgers through his meeting with Branch Rickie, General Manager of the Dodgers on Aug. 28th, 1945 — a year and a half before his first appearance in Brooklyn.  Branch Rickie was a forward-looking man.  He realized that many blacks had served in the war that was just wrapping up at that time and that society would have to change to reflect what this portion of the population had achieved in terms of self-respect and accomplishment.  He also knew that much of the team’s fans were black and that baseball needed black players.  He floated a cover story about starting a black farm team and a black baseball league to hide his search for a black player who would be suitable for breaking the color barrier and joining Major League Baseball through the Dodgers.  He sent out requests for scouting reports about the best black players in semi-pro ball.  Every report that came back included the name of Jackie Robinson.

The met on August 28, 1945 in Brooklyn.  Rickie was looking for a good player with the personal qualities to be the “breakthrough” player, who could stand up to the racism that was so prevalent at that time, who would conduct himself with dignity and not fight back but who would demonstrate his sportsmanship on the field until acceptance was won.  The firs chart, shown below is a diurnal chart oriented to the natal angles, the daily angles being shown in the outer wheel.

JR diurnal 8-24-1945-natal angles-J

 Since Robinson was born at the end of January, 7 month earlier, we would expect the transiting/progressed Ascendant to be in the 7th or 8th house area of a chart oriented to the natal angles — that is precisely where we find the daily Ascendant at 17 Virgo, just into the 8th house.  The daily MC is found at 15 Gemini in the 5th house.  With diurnal charts the major factor is the moving Ascendant and it’s contacts to natal and transiting planets.  In this case, t/Asc. square t/Uranus near the t/MC.  This suggests that surprises relating to his status will challenges him personally on this day.  (This is the most basic application of key words, and it all fits quite nicely)  Diurnal charts are read primarily by the contacts of the moving Ascendant over the year to planets and sensitive points in the natal chart.   What Branch Rickie was offering Jackie Robinson was a surprise and an innovative plan benefitting Jackie and the Dodgers for the greater benefit of baseball as a national pastime sport.

Let us now look at this same date through the lens of the diurnal chart but using a chart oriented to the transiting/progressing angles to see how that visually serves our purposes. 

JR diurnal 8-24-1945-J

 Here, in this chart oriented by the daily angles, we easily see the Asc. and it’s square to t/Urnaus at the MC angles.   There are no other angular contacts — this is what we have to go by in making an assessment, “You will be challenged on this date by a surprising development, a surprise that will affect your career.” 

Because this is a cyclic chart, the nature of a cycle is that it ebbs and flows, that some functions come in play, other functions fade for importance, and that the context of one’s life is the backdrop for what emerges.  In this case, Jackie’s ongoing struggle to advance himself in sports was the “context” but who could anticipate a “surprise” from Uranus without the aid of astrology?  In my next post we will explore how this developed.

For those who wish to experiment with Diurnal Charting, the method is quite simple.  Note the subject’s birth time.  Plug in a date for which you want to have a diurnal chart.  Enter the subject’s birth time, and calculate the chart.

  • Keeping the birth time in hours | minutes as a constant will cause the transit chart Asc. to proportionately move around the natal chart’s perimeter — the number of days since one’s birth day to the event date will proportionately move the Asc. a corresponding amount.
  • The chart is read relative to any planets having any aspect to the Asc. angle.  In this posts’ examples, Uranus “surprises” and challenges the Ascendant based on the nature of the planet and of the square aspect.

I am currently still on a bus tour with the wife and a group of friends.  We are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, having travelled her from New England over the weekend.  Because of our schedule, sightseeing in the day, dinner and entertainment at night, there is little time for posting.  It is possible that my next post will not be before Sunday evening.  Dave


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