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Following his talk with Branch Rickie in August, 1945, Jackie was assigned to the Montreal Royals, the Dodgers’ farm team.  He was to play there and, if he managed both his ball playing and public relations well, could expect to be called up to the Dodgers ball club.  Montreal was a city hospitable to diversity and would be able to let him prove himself.  Prior to spring training, Jackie was married in California.  He and his new wife move to Montreal.  We will pick up his story by looking at his p.c. Solar Return of 1946, and then his daily chart for opening day in Montreal, Canada.

JR Solar return 1946-J












Remember, precession-corrected Tropical or Sidereal Solar Return charts are read using the angular planets.  In the above 1946 p.c. Solar Return chart for Jackie Robinson only the Descendant angles is populated.  n/Pluto and n/Jupiter are on the Desc. angle.  This pairing suggests “success.”  We might phrase this in more words such as, “Taking total control over opportunities that can be turned into great success.”  There are no other transiting planets at the angles.  There are natal planets at natal angles, of course.  Note n/Sun, n/Moon at/near n/Ascendant opposing n/Neptune.  Jackie’s natal chart suggests that he is a “being in the lime-light” sort of person, the center of everyone’s attention.  In this Solar Return, t/Venus brings popularity and attractiveness to that natal chart mix.

JR PDA 4-18-1946-J












On this April day, Jackie Robinson stepped onto the field of the Montreal Royals, the farm team of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Jackie was being paid, had a house and a new wife, but most importantly he had an opportunity to show case his skills and competitiveness.  The solar return n/Pluto & n/Jupiter are in the daily chart’s 2nd house of resources and money.  

n/Moon is on the MC, flanked by n/Mercury, n/Sun and n/Asc.  n/Sun opposes t/Pluto and t/Sun opposes t/Jupiter.  Before we take this complex pattern apart, note that it is the natal planets that play the strongest role here.  As far as the Dodgers are concerned, Jackie is a “new” situation.  The natal planets point us to considering that it is what Jackie has done with this chart, himself, that is in play here.  He is standing in the doorway of his “opportunity.”  He brings himself and his experience.  He and the Dodgers have yet to really bond.  Up until now, only he and the General Manager have established a bond or understanding.

n/Moon, n/Mercury, n/Sun and n/Ascendant at this daily chart’s MC angle tells us that he will be in the spotlight as a new player on the field, as a black new player on the field.  Note that the n/MC is near the Descendant; his status and goals are influenced by the relationship he develops with others (the team, the fans, the management).  The daily MC opposes t/Mars and t/Pluto (near the IC angle).  We might choose to see this as MC = Mars/Pluto and see what Ebertin says in his Combination of Stellar Influences:  “Unusual capabilities of advancement in life.  Self Confidence.  Ambition.”  Robinson appeared to be a baseball player, inside he was a rocket for success. 

This is a powerful chart in it’s own right.  Yet, these cyclic charts are small parts of a greater life story which unfolds a day at a time, a piece at a time.  If we take time to find out what a client is doing, we can clearly and easily understand the flow of life and how each of these daily charts fit into that overall flow.

I’ve been thinking of doing a long term series of charts following the decisions and events of the George Bush’s administration (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice) and their conduct of planning and launching the latest Iraq war.  This would be a story that took a year to unfold, and we know the “context” of the overall story.  We could easily follow the individual people and their individual charts through the story’s context.  It’s an idea.  But, given the attention span that we all have it would be necessary to interrupt that story line to look at othe timely events as they arose.  It is an idea.  Dave










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