Part Four: Jackie Robinson makes it to first base


Jackie Robinson put in his year in the Dodger’s farm team, the Montreal Royals, and proved that he could play baseball very well and that he could conduct himself with dignity when he was confronted with racial discord. For the following, 1947, season, Dodger’s General Manager made his long-planned move to bring integration to Major League Baseball.  Jackie was called up to the Dodgers and assigned to play first base.

Sometimes reading charts is a difficult task.  In this case, Jackie’s p.c. Solar Return and the Progressed Daily Angles chart for April 15, 1947 is absurdly simple!  

JR Solar Return 1947-J

The CONTEXT of Jackie’s life at the time of this chart is that he is an aspiring base-ball player who has made an agreement with the General Manager of the Dodgers, which he has lived up to, and hopes to be “promoted” from the farm (development) system to the major league base-ball club.  Only the vertical axis of this chart is populated.  t/Saturn is at the MC, conjoining n/Neptune.  The MC represents his goals and status.  Saturn symbolizes discipline and dedication that is required now (this Saturn is transiting and represents the “now” in his life).  t/Neptune represents the dreams and self-vision that he has developed and harboured for much of his adult life.  Putting this together suggests that this is the year where his steadfast determination to fulfil a long-held dream/fantasy will be presented as a career situation.  t/Mars opposes this grouping from the IC angle suggesting that he will need to commit a lot of effort and energy into this challenge.  Can the reading of this chart be any more direct and simple?  Jackie and his chart are very much in sync.

JR PDA 4-15-1947-J

Again, I remind my visitors/viewers or fellow astrologers that cyclic charts need to be read as a snapshot that fits with the flow of life, the context or nature of the events in that flow of life.  We do not need to have put before us as several page dissertation covering many complex and interacting patterns of planetary influences.  We do not need signs, rulerships, dignities and other conventional astrological stuff.  We just need to read what the chart presents us.

n/Jupiter and n/Pluto are at the Descendant.  Jackie has been given and opportunity to succeed.  Jupiter and Pluto, paired, is a signature of success.  The Descendant angle relates to “others”.  There is nothing else angular in this chart!  This snapshot tells us that on this day Jackie has been given the opportunity of his lifetime to chase his goals (as signified in the Solar Return).  That’s all there is to this reading.  It’s enough.  It’s direct and simple.  More importantly, is describes his life on this day.  It is astrology at its best.  Dave.


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