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This past week saw an astounding and very horrific news story emerge:  Three young women had been abducted in Cleveland, OH and held for a decade, abused and used as sexual slaves to a man from Puerto Rico, Ariel Castro.  The three had been held separately in upstairs rooms and in the basement, kept in chains, physically and mentally abused, and repeatedly raped.  On May 6, 2013, one of the three women, Amanda Berry, saw a chance to bust open the front door and call for help.  A neighbour responded, the police came, the brutal ordeal suddenly came to an end.  Some of that story will be addressed here within the next few postings.

Since only the birth date is known, at this moment, for Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, I will use t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts.  These charts are particularly useful when the birth time is not known.  Consider this:  For a natal chart set to “noon”, the Sun will be within half-a-degree of its actual birth position (if the time was known).  The natal Moon travels some 12 degrees in a day (often a bit more).  Relative to the Sun’s +/- half-degree of actual position, the Moon travels that half degree within an hour’s time.  This tells us that a chart for the Moon to “return” to the natal Sun’s position that the chart will be accurate within an hour’s time, a span of time in which the MC of the chart can move up to 15 degrees.  The end result is that we have a Return chart, cast for a noon birth time, which may be accurate within a couple of degrees but no more inaccurate by more than 15 degrees.  We can work with a chart of this nature.

The following t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart is cast for April 17, 2003 for Amanda Berry.  This was four days before her abduction.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun from the 10th to the 4th house has the following basic interpretation:  “One’s personal values and home life are open to change. Another person is closely involved in these changes.  Actions are taken for better or worse, the judgement for those actions may come immediately or later.”  Amanda was overly trusting, accepted a ride, and disappeared into a nightmare.  Bad decision.  Justice and judgement for her abductor would be delayed ten years. Note that this t/Sun squares t/Mars:  Changes (suggested by Sun at the IC) will involve action, danger, hurt, anger — all or any of the “Mars words.”

T/Sun is at the IC of this Return chart: Actions and decisions will initiate a life change in the next two weeks that this Return chart is effective for.  Note that the n/MC shown in the chart reflects the assumed noon birth time and it has no relevance here.  t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) and t/Saturn bracket the Desc. angle:  Chance and change (PoF) will be harshly introduced (Saturn) by another (Desc.).   t/PoF opposes n/Neptune at the Asc.:  Chance and change will run counter to Amanda’s dreams and life hopes.  t/Saturn broadly opposite t/Pluto suggests brutality and extreme hurtful possibilities.  Playing astrological hopscotch we can note n//Pluto conjoining t/Moon: Life will introduce changes which are devastating and dramatic.

April 21, 2003 was the date that Amanda Berry was snatched from the street in her neighbourhood and disappeared, seemingly forever.  The Advanced Moon-opp-Sun chart is shown below.


t/Moon is at the Ascendant, near n/Neptune: Change and emotions will likely be extreme on this date, dreams may be upset, routines will change.  A more complex pattern is indicated by t/PoF which opposes t/Uranus, squares t/N.Node, squares n/Saturn.  Lets break this down.  Chance and change (t/PoF) is assured and made surprising (t/Uranus), bringing restraint and frustration (n/Saturn).  Remember that t/Saturn was close to the Desc./PoF/Saturn in the Return chart four days prior to this chart.  t/N.Node (square the t/PoF) points to associations (other people) causing great challenges or conflict as part of what “change” (PoF) means.

t/Sun (now within 3 degrees of the approaching IC angle) squares t/Mars: Amanda’s self interests and choices/decisions are in a battle against the actions of another.  We can use very basic and direct interpretive words with these charts to spell out the nature of a day’s events, feelings, attitudes and situation.

Of all the predictive tools I explore and use, these Moon-to-Sun Return charts may be the easiest approach to prediction for early studies students to utilize.  Not only are they easy to interpret within the context of the subject’s life, but they can be quite effective with charts cast for a “noon” birth time when the actual birth time is not known.

In the following post I will explore a similar chart-set for Gina DeJesus, another of the three young women released last Monday.  Dave



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