Consequences of Being a Hostage

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Amanda Berry was one of three young women or girls abducted by Ariel Castro. There may have been more which were killed and disposed of.  In any case, being a hostage of a mad-man has it consequences.  Frequent rapes of one girl led to frequent impregnations followed by beatings to cause self-abortions — the brutal way.  In the case of Amanda, she became pregnant and was able to carry the baby to term, delivering it on December 25, 2006, Christmas Day.  This baby was allowed to live, is now age 6, and was released by virtue of Amanda’s brave and timely escape.

I will look at the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart for Dec. 15, 2006, prior to delivering her baby.  We have to understand that my research into this type of charting over the past 17 months has been focused upon typical daily life — these charts are “house” oriented relative to the Moon-Sun relationships.  This typical “daily life” view has not covered pregnancy and births, or specific medical issues.  So, I can not point to a strong “birth” signature as I do not have any other birth-related charts.  In any case, we will look at these two charts and see what we shall see.


t/Moon opposes n/Sun from the 3rd to 9th house:  My generic book statements do not cover birth/delivery situations.  Here, t/Moon conjoins n/Pluto — perhaps we might say that her woman’s body is dealing with a compulsive, irrevocable situation.  This pattern is opposed to n/Sun conjoined with n/N.Node — her male relations are linked to (karmic) associations that she has (even if unwilling).    This axis squares n/Asc. which is opposite t/Venus —“love” (what a twist, perhaps “lust”) from another is part of a confliction in what this pattern signifies for Amanda Berry.

Another awkward to interpret pattern is t/Jupiter conjunct n/Saturn at the IC which has to be seen with n/Jupiter conjunct t/Uranus at the Descendant.  In terms of taking on “motherhood” the Jupiter/Saturn pairing at the IC relates to the business of life, “home life” in this case — how does one be a mother to a baby while being a hostage.  This had to be a terrifying situation in light of her fellow hostages repeated and brutal treatment by the baby’s father.  Uranus contacting n/Jupiter at the Desc. angle could be seen as her “relationship” providing her a sudden opportunity.  This hidden benefit (what a stretch of interpretation) might be seen in Ariel Castro’s professed love for the child.  If so, this might have given Amanda some form of protection.

Interesting is t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) opposite n/PoF, 5th and 11th houses. Chance and change, doubled up, seems to equate to “chaos.”  Amanda had to be in a panic state about herself, about the baby, what Ariel Castro might do, what would happen if there was no room for another hostage — would someone be killed?  Should we be looking at this chart through a lens of “terror?”  Should we pay more attention to t/Mars conjoining n/Saturn (feeling attacked by her fears and limitations).  Should we view n/Pluto’s square to n/Asc. as being a predisposition to feeling an over-powering dread of changes being forced upon her?  Was Amanda Berry living under a “victim” label?

Let us now move onto an Advanced chart for Dec. 25, 2006 when the baby was born.


Amanda Berry’s little girl was born in a plastic kiddie-pool so that any blood and mess could be contained and cleaned up more easily.  Ariel Castro had a heart of gold — not! t/Mars, t/Jupiter, n/Saturn at the IC angle squares t/Moon, t/Uranus and n/Jupiter at the Desc. angle.  This complex pattern is no more easier to understand relative to a birth than these components were in the Moon-opposite-Sun chart of ten days earlier.

Instead, I’ll look at t/Sun 5th square n/Sun 8th.  Amanda’s self-interests (Sun) are in conflict: taking on a mother role while being a sex slave.  That’s quite a conflict for me.

Now let’s look at another set of patterns.  t/PoF opposite n/Venus combined with t/Venus conjoining n/PoF.  Again, a doubling up of the Part of Fortune symbolism in comparison to the Moon-opp-Sun Return chart where t/PoF oppossed n/PoF.  Promised “chaos” has become actual “chaos.”  This is still a chart of terror, no matter how we look at it.  If we want to allow large orbs of 8 degrees, we have n/Sun opp. n/Pluto and t/Sun conjoining t/Pluto.  The “victim” natal pattern seems to have been actualized.  Now, Amanda had a small baby to protect in addition to herself, and she was probably worried as to how it would affect the welfare of the other hostages.  They, also, would be worried, and all of this would just add to the tensions in that miserable house where they were being held.

This has been an interesting exercise.  I wouldn’t call it a prediction-in-hindsight success because it is a difficult out-of-the-normal type of chart and situation to look at.  I wanted to share this with my blog-visitors because I feel that an astrologer need to investigate what is not understood, even if it illustrates one’s inadequacies.  Non of us are perfect astrologers, we are all students.  This is one of those learning situations.  Dave.

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