Angelina Jolie Takes The Big Step

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Angelina Jolie moved ahead with her planned breast removal-reconstruction procedures.  In this post I will review two charts, a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return from the 10th to 2nd house cast for Feb.5, 2013, and an advanced chart cast for Feb. 15th, 2013.


Being along the MC-IC axis, this t/Moon opp n/Sun pattern points to the fundamentals of decision-making, public image, goals (as an emotional issue) versus self interests, health and family matters (as a logical issue).  Being so close to the angles, these planets are to be seen as powerful symbols.  t/Moon is joined by n/Neptune at the MC — both bodies are associated with water, the emotions — yet, one is personal (Moon) and one worldly (Neptune).  Doesn’t this fit the situation; a personal issue being played out before the public.  t/Mercury is at the chart’s Ascendant: Not being part of the conversations between the Jolies and doctors, we have to assume that this Mercury represented those discussions and plans.  The t/Part of Fortune (PoF) in the 10th oppossed n/Mercury, while n/PoF squares t/Mercury:  This is a “doubled-up” pattern and would seem to suggest great personal concern and discussions on the part of all concerned.  Again, this is private, so we can only conjecture.


On this date, the interiors of Angelina’s two breasts were removed, tissue and filling was inserted along with tubes to drain body fluids and blood.  Time was required for internal healing to take place.  Later, implants would be inserted, and cosmetic surgery applied so that the breasts would be restored to their prior original shape, size, appearance.  The chart above for this date is appropriate.  t/Mars is at the Asc., signifying the surgery that was done on her body (the Ascendant).  t/PoF opposes t/N.Node and n/N.Node.  I am one of those astrologers who use Ebertin’s research and findings to denote the Nodes as being symbolic of the relationships we make and seek.  I would see the vast emotionalism of this event as straining all/any of the relationships in the family and with the doctors.  Perhaps “strain” is the wrong word, “test” would be better.  There are other, supportive, patterns that could be explored —- t/Moon opp. t/Saturn perhaps, or n/Sun and n/Mercury bracketing the IC angle.  But, the components cited above are all that is needed to show what this chart means.   That is the benefit of using “cyclic” charts, we don’t have to overly tear apart a chart, each day and each chart tells us a continuing story.  Dave.


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