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Angelina Jolie surprised her fans and the public with her public announcement on May 14, 2013 concerning her breast removal, reconstruction and completion of her cosmetic surgery.  Gasp!  Those famous breasts gone, new ones in place.  With this dramatic announcement, Angelina put an important health issue for women before the public for discussion and consideration, encouraging other women to face reality and step up to self-empowerment.  The following interviews provide details on the surgery, her decision-making, and the support from her famous husband, Brad Pitt.  All in all, this was an important act by Angelina to help women who face this difficult issue.  In this posting, instead of using Moon-to-Sun Return charts, I will present Angelina’s Solar Return for 2012 and her Progressed Daily Angles chart for the date of her announcement.

Angelina SR 2012-J

In her 2012 p.c. Solar Return chart (above) we find Sun/Sun in the 6th house, and indication of health issues and/or being involved in an ongoing, stick-it-out form of work or service-like tasks.  Well, health and being involved in a long-tough stick-with-it recovery was in store for her in this Solar Return year.  We are primarily concerned about angular planets in the Solar Return chart as the factors which set the theme for the coming year.  Here, we find Mercury/Mercury at the Desc.;  Discussions, decisions, talking, signing documents — all of these Mercury symbolic acts will involve her partners and associates this year.  These will involve her partner, Brad Pitt, her doctors, her family, and her fans when she makes her public announcement.

t/Uranus, n/Mars, n/Moon are all at the IC angle:  This angle represents the “basics” of life, the start and end of situations, the family circle and fundamental resources and values.  Uranus will relate to her individualism, Mars her actions and presence (self-confidence expressed), Moon her feminism and emotional state.  All of this points to a heightened sense of excitement, anxiety, and awareness of life moving through a “change” point.  When we, as astrologers, want to know “what and when” this S/R chart will express itself, we will look for these symbols at the angles for any given date.

To do this, using the RIYAL software which is free to download and use, we calculate the Solar Return chart, leave the chart and choose to view “PSSR” (the Sidereal term for Progressed Daily Angles charts).  A hit list is presented which shows the Asc., MC and planetary (natal, solar or transiting) angular positions.  We scan through that list, find dates when these symbols are “active” and right-click on that line.  Our chart pops up.

Angelina 5-14-2013-J

Here is the Progressed Daily Chart for May 14th, 2013 when Angelina made her public announcement.  The S/R MC of 12 Libra had advanced a full circle and move ahead to 20 Sag in the intervening 11 months and 1 week.  We are looking for Moon, Mercury, Mars, and/or Uranus — the angular planets in the Solar Return.  In this daily chart we find n/Mercury (& t/Jupiter) at the IC angle, t/Uranus tightly conjoining n/Mars, and t/Sun & t/Mercury on the cusp of the 3rd house — as a supportive function. 

n/Mercury at the IC: speaking from the heart about private and family issues, conjoining t/Jupiter at the IC:  a major issue, speaking through a large microphone.  If we play astrological hopscotch, we find n/Jupiter conjoining n/MC; a big public statement.  t/Uranus exactly conjoining n/Mars, squaring t/Pluto; Angelina’s individual style (Uranus) joins with her bold action (Mars) so that she can exercise control (Pluto) over her life situation (IC angle).

It’s nice when the chart reflects reality.  Note that these cyclic charts enable us to treat the primary symbols in a basic manner.  We ignore the planets not located at or planets not associated with the angles.  We treat each daily chart as one of a series of snap-shots that fill in the theme of the Solar Return.  Astrology becomes simple and fun.  Dave.


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