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A year or so ago we had the Wikileaks incident which caused a great deal of newspaper ink to be used, a lot of prime time TV to be taken up, and a lot of angry words and worries to be expended.  The consequences of that event are still being experienced by many.  On June 6th a new set of disclosures were made by Edward Snowden, an employee of a CIA contractor.  Snowden appears to have gained access to enough intelligence to cause severe problems for the US government.  The information was released in-part through newspaper outlets after Snowden had left the country to hide elsewhere — it is said that he went to Hong Kong.

We have a birth date with no birth time.  As we have learned, we can work with “no birth time” by using Moon-to-Sun Return charts.  Because so little is actually known about the man and the nature of the intelligence information he has, we can only conjecture about the large part of the story that we don’t know about.













In this May 26th, 2013 Moon-opposite-Sun in the 8th house Return we can state that the chart’s theme is “Having confidence in one’s abilities or skill-set so that the maintenance of one’s goals is successful in the face of opposition.  Emotional levels need to be controlled, avoiding hasty changes if one is to break through the barrier of rules and traditions of others.”  We can play astrological hopscotch and note n/Moon conjoining t/N.Node; Associates (t/N.Node) deal with reaction of Snowden (n/Moon) to whatever is driving his actions.  Natal planets represent the established form of expression for the planet involved, while transiting planets portray the current-day’s reactions  to a seemingly new set of conditions or of the reactions of others.  Hence, our  associates are involved in what we have been reacting to for some period of time.

What else does the chart tell us?  t/Saturn (inner wheel) conjoins Asc.; plans and caution must be the watch word of his actions to avoid immediate consequences.  t/Part of Fortune conjoins t/Mars; one’s actions affect others (7th house), the results of those actions are subject to any form of outcome.  We have to note that Snowden has recently experienced a Saturn Return, t/Saturn has now moved on some 9 degrees but is in a retrograde mode — is Snowden regretting his actions or wishing he had pursued a different plan?  Let us advance this chart o June 6, the date of the disclosures.













t/PoF has conjoined n/Pluto; a “fated” gamble is undertaken by means of undercover actions (12th house).  t/N.Node conjoining n/Moon is now conjoined by the Asc.; his plan (formerly t/Saturn on the Asc.) is now in play and is dependent upon associates to carry it out.  The Return chart’s t/PoF & t/Mars has been replaced by t/Moon conjoining t/Mars; public anger, strong reactions — all kinds of Moon-Mars symbols are in play.  t/Sun contacts n/MC; Today’s self-interests (t/Sun) affect his long-standing goals (n/MC).  All of this wording and symbolism suggests something that has been in the works for some period of time, longer than just the time to set up the help of others to channel the intelligence.  His first pass Saturn Return occurred in December of 2011 — it would seem that his current actions had their root just after that period of time.

Playing hopscotch with t/Mars, we note that n/Mars & n/N.Node conjoins t/Jupiter; an opportunity arrives through gained associates (n/N.Node in the 8th).   Further hopscotch games take our attention to t/Pluto opposing t/Mercury (2nd to 8th); game changing information affects the management of resources and the value of those resources.

Given the volume (noise and substance) of debate and talk about the news (but not what exactly has been taken or given or may still be released), we have a mountain of talk and a mole-hill of facts.  We have little to relate these charts to.

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