Snowden; Playing a Fated Role?

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When a big news story breaks with little substantive news and lots of speculation, we always suspect that there is a bigger story lurking in the background that might emerge later.

In the case of Edward Snowden, there is a lot of story, astrologically speaking, behind his actions.  Let us start with November, 1982, 7 months before his birth!  In the sky, Saturn and Pluto conjoined.  I have labelled this conjunction as the Terrorism cycle as it shows up in Solar Returns to the conjunction point in the World Trade Center bombing, the 9-11 Trade Center airplane attack, the London subway and Spain train station attack and the attempt to sink the USS Cole.  Below is a natal chart for Edward Snowden (outer wheel) and the signing-chart for the Patriot Act, enacted Oct. 26, 2001 @ 11:09:11 AM with the pen of President George W. Bush.  This posting will explore these charts relative to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.


If we note Edward Snowden’s natal chart, outer wheel, we see Saturn conjoining Pluto.  This is 7 months after the conjunction in Nov. of 1982.  This is a tight, but separating aspect, closely conjoining the Patriot Act’s ( pa/ )signing Sun, the intent and core of the act.  pa/Mars squares pa/Sun and Snowden’s  ( s/ ) Saturn/Pluto pairing.  Mars squaring Sun, in a legal congressional act, points to lots of action in the pursuit of goals and achievement.  Controversy, fights, attempts to strengthen and also to weaken the act will likely be ongoing.  This is a “war time” aspect for a war time legal act.  Using Snowden’s chart as a reference, it is obvious that the “terrorism” cycle marked by Saturn-Pluto is the astrological link to the Patriot Act.  One cannot dispute this claim since the Patriot Act’s Asc./Pluto conjunction opposes Saturn.  This horizon axis is an action-axis, Pluto and Saturn are the target of the Patriot Act.

Snowden’s Sun opposes Neptune; he deals with problems of mixing dreams and illusions with ideals and society’s needs.  With the Sun conjoining Mars (within 5 degrees) Snowden will pursue and act on his dreams.  The problem here is the trine to Moon (29 Gemini to 0 Pisces) which provides an inner sense of support and belief in what he does.  This Sun-Mars trine Moon also trines Saturn-Pluto.  The dream, vision, mission and life-purpose is all wrapped up in a disruptive pattern.  Who said trines are nice?

I’m sure that there is more to look at in terms of Snowden’s transits to the Patriot Act.  And more will likely come out as further material is leaked and people talk.  We will try to follow this as it may be a great example of the individual (Snowden) against the system (the Patriot Act) in tune with the solar system (Saturn-Pluto).  The Patriot Act, with Pluto/Asc. opposite Saturn, is an astrological response to the Saturn-Pluto conjoining.



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