A Really Fated Man: Snowden’s Birth Time Is Now Known

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Edward Snowden’s birth time is now known thanks to the efforts of Eric Francis Coppolino who has obtained a birth certificate copy from the state of North Carolina.  This information is taken from his radio presentation on Planet Waves, given a little over an hour ago at 8 PM, this Tuesday evening.  From that dialog I have reconstructed Snowden’s natal chart with an Ascendant of 15:14 Gemini, derived from a birth time of 4:53:40 AM, June 21, 1983 in Elizabeth City, NC.  This chart will be used for the following charts, a Moon-opposite-Sun Return chart and an Advanced chart for June 6, 2013, the date he released his secret material.


This Moon-opposite-Sun 8th to 2nd house Return chart is cast relative to Hong Kong, Hong Kong where he has supposedly fled to prior to the release of his formerly secret material.  Transits are inside, natal planets outside in this chart.  t/Mars conjoins the Ascendant:  Anger, striking out, a strong sense of presence.  t/Sun in the 1st: his self-interests are his focal point in these days before his media-blitz is launched.  With t/Sun opposing n/Jupiter, he seems to have a long-standing (natal planet) sense of “opportunity” to seek.

I have found that a key to these charts is the Part of Fortune (PoF).  Here, t/PoF opposes t/Venus, t/Mercury, t/Jupiter along with n/Mars, n/N.Node, n/Sun. This grouping of personal planets might be summarized as “thoughts of values and gains” (t/Venus, t/Mercury, t/Jupiter) have aroused established “need-to-act to affect others and impose self-interests” (n/Mars, n/N.Node/n/Sun) — all of this is put on the line as he gambles with t/PoF (chance and change) to attempt to make changes in his world.

This above complex is compounded by the nearby t/Moon and n/Neptune opposite n/Sun.  As noted in another post, n/Sun opposite n/Neptune points to one who has dreams and visions, who can be confused by what is perceived.  As Eric Frances pointed out in his broadcast earlier this evening, n/Mercury is in n/12th house, there is some aspect of his thoughts and mind-processing that is hidden from us.  This Moon-Neptune opposition is another chart factor that fits with that observation.

Let us now look at his Advanced chart, situated in Hong Kong, for June 6, 2013.


Ten days have elapsed since his prior Moon-opposite-Sun Return.  That Return was an 8th-to-2nd Return.  Given the extreme and unusual nature of these events, I can adjust the “theme” meaning of that Return chart to say, “A focus on one’s resources or practices has to account for changes in plans, emotional issues or contracts/situations that are now at a critical point.  A death or personal transition point is at hand.”  As we can see from that chart of May 27th, the events of June 6 has brought all of that forward.

On this date, June 6, 2013, t/Asc. conjoins t/Mars, n/Mercury.  n/Mercury has come to the visible and action side of the Ascendant, out of the 12th house of private thoughts.  His intentions are now clear, having been acted upon.  The opposition to n/Uranus at the Desc. highlights his sense of individuality and rebelliousness.  He will inflict change. Since “change” is the order of the day, let us look at t/PoF opposed t/Saturn.  Chance and change (PoF) is intended to fight against (opposition) Saturn (the government system).

Is all of this sane?  Note t/Moon opposite n/Moon and t/N.Node:  Emotions run very high, everything is reactive.  We can sense a jumpy person, one running on emotional nerves (is there such a thing?) that react to every person he has contact with or sees on the street.  He is running from ghosts.  Yet, his personal excitement must have been high on this date as n/MC conjoins the Advanced chart MC:  This is the time for his plan to take place, this is his time.

Now that we have a birth time we can utilize a variety of charts to follow the developments in this case of man-versus-government.  Dave


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