Magic Strikes; Premiere of Harry Potter Movie for Emma Watson

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It was some months after the London Premiere of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone on Nov. 4, 2001 that I took the oldest of the grandchildren we had adopted to see Harry Potter.  We had been reading the book, a chapter each night.  While the boy was still young, he was enjoying the time with me and the embellishments and sound effects I added to the reading.  I’m not sure how much his young mind took in at the movie, but it was a big exciting night for him.  For those that followed the book, the three main characters and all of the others were fascinating.  We all love magic and a good story that seems to become real during a movie showing.  Hermione, Emma Watson’s role, was especially endearing and a good counter-weight to Daniel Radcliff’s Harry Potter.  In this posting I will shift to p.c. Solar Return and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  These will be especially instructive for those who are new to this methodology.

Emma SR 2001-J

In these charts, transits/solar-return planets are outside, natal planets are inside.  This is an exceptional Solar Return, the type of return that everyone wants but which come only on occasion.  t/Sun & n/Sun at the MC; fame and recognition are to be had this year!  n/N.Node & t/Neptune are at the Desc.; Our associates (N.Node) and the benefits they represent are bolstered by our fantasy symbol, Neptune.  A shared dream is at hand. Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump from n/N.Node to t/N.Node opposite n/Uranus; great personal excitement and change in how one experiences their life is the meaning that can be applied to this pattern.  These few simple observations are all that are needed to know what this annual solar year will bring.  If we were to have also known the context of young Emma Watson’s life, we would have been able to assure her that fame and recognition would be associated with her film-work.

Emma PDA 11-04-2001-J

Our first impression of this Progressed Daily Angles chart is of t/Moon opposing n/Moon at the MC, with n/MC being at the IC angle!  Even an early studies student would view this as a most remarkable pattern.  First, we note that one of the Solar Return symbols is back in the spot-light again — t/N.Node is anchoring the IC angle and the n/MC angle, along with t/Moon.  Public attention, favourable reception by the public for both Emma and her character Hermione (two Moon’s, two women).   n/MC at the IC can point one to suddenly realize that everything has changed, that a few days may be needed before the extent of “change” sinks in.  How can one prepare for a new life suddenly emerging around one?   You know its coming, but it arrives in a rush, probably quickly overpowering an 11 year old girl.

n/Asc. in the 7th house suggests that this a “shared” experience with others, here cast mates.  If we take a “loose” view of the chart we note t/Sun closing in on n/Pluto (taking control of one’s sense of self) and opposing n/Mercury (how one has commonly thought about life) — now, Sun is bringing new perspective (the opposition) to how one views life and thinks about their part in it.  The dream had become real and in doing so, had burst upon Emma Watson with a new intensity, bring a new dream into reality.

Again, if we were to counsel Emma Watson ahead of time about the premiere showing of the movies, we could only note highly positive factors in place for her.  I doubt our words about see life as becoming totally changed for her would sink in — it was something that had to be experienced.  That is life.  Dave

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