You Can’t Say That, You Just Can’t!

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Stand-up comedians say a lot of things that can either be understood in several ways or which indirectly imply something quite different from what the words seem to mean at first.  Back in 1972 George Carlin specifically said that there were seven dirty words that could not be said on a television broadcast.  There is no need to specify those exact words other than to note that they were vulgar slang related to the human body and used often in a sexual context.  Of course, being George Carlin, and after telling us that there are seven dirty words that can’t be used, George did in fact explicitly say and explain those words as part of his comedic routine.  If nothing else, George attacked improbable and unreasonable social rules.

The first chart to be presented is George’s 1972 precession corrected Solar Return chart.

George SR 1972-J

t/Mars and t/Venus are at the Desc. angle; Personal poise in dealing with others will be George’s hallmark this year.  n/Venus at the IC doubles up the Venus symbology; Venus will dominate his events this year —Venus representing the beautiful body, sex, lust, carnal topics, attractiveness.  Sun/Sun is in the 5th, another chart area associated with sex.  I realize that I’m slanting the possible meanings of these astrological symbols to a sexual orientation, but that is just what Carlin did this year with his planned presentations on TV.

George 7-21-1972=J

The above chart is for July 21, 1972 — George Carlin is arrested for saying those seven dirty words that shouldn’t be said.  We have to note the context of this event.  George will be arrested, bail will be set, a hearing will be held, a fine is likely to be levied.  He will not be jailed.  His popularity will rise like a thermometer at a fireman’s convention.  So, what do we see in this momentous chart?  t/Uranus is at the Asc.;  Carlin’s individual approach to life will be emphasized on this date.  Note that n/Uranus conjoins n/MC — This is a role that George Carlin was born for.

t/Sun conjoins n/Pluto near the MC angle; Carlin’s self-interest is in controlling (n/Pluto) his image (MC).  The opposition to t/N.Node conjoining n/Jupiter enlists a large public following (Jupiter and Node).  Also note t/Mars conjoining n/Asc in the 10th house.  Carlin will be assertive in what he does and says.  How else could he act?  Did you note, playing astrological hopscotch, that n/Mars conjoins t/Moon & t/Neptune — fueling the public fantasy.  Oh, yes.  Carlin was born for this moment.

Carlin said his seven dirty words, was arrested, made bail and was late fined.  All the while his popularity soared, his performance fees increased.  All was well in Carlin’s world.  Dave.


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