Live From New York City, It’s Saturday Night Live!

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A long-running United States TV show is Saturday Night Live.  This comedy show, airing at 11:30 PM each Saturday evening after the late news shows is sometimes so-so in its comedy and skits, sometimes brilliant and wacky, often its political satire is reported on in the following days by the news media.  The first show aired Oct. 11, 1975–and it still runs today.  The first host, every week has a new and different celebrity host, was George Photo George-SNL-JCarlin.  Who else but the comedian turned social critic and language-usage authority.

Typical of George’s statements (but not on that opening night) might be the question, “Do you realize how stupid most people you know are?  And half of them are stupider than the average.”  I don’t know the exact quote, but this is very close.  Such opening questions were typical of George’s act, a crazy-logic discourse would then emerge from such an opening statement.  His presentation might include a play on words, a critique of social morals or habits, or a series of increasingly bizarre connective thoughts.

First, we’ll look at his 1995 Solar Return as this year marked a sharper, more critical and further-out-of-the-box social observer emerging in George Carlin.

George SR 1975-J

 Sun/Sun is in the 1st house; a year where he will personally push  for recognition and assertively make his mark within his career field.  n/Mercury at the Asc.; George will speak George’s mind.  n/Jupiter at the MC, opposite n/Pluto; Opportunity (Jupiter) will come from taking charge of himself (Pluto).  Asc. square n/Asc. in the 4th; Acting as if he is in conflict with himself.  t/Moon conjoining n/Moon in the 2nd; Reacting to oneself, building up a repository of emotional reflections.

Now, I have briefly listed each angular combination–the purpose is to present a group of observations that can be synthesized to explain George’s mind.  George often made an assertion or observation, and then posed an alternative view or questioned the assertion such as to present an unexpected twist of logic.  Only George could explain George.  The next chart is a Progressed Daily Angles chart for the date of the first broadcast of SNL, as Saturday Night Live is called, was on Oct. 11th, 1975.

George 10-11-1975-J

First, lets review what happened on that first TV broadcast of SNL.  There was a skit about providing “Father Insurance” in which case a new father was provided to a family who had just lost a father — only SNL would twist a grim subject into a comedy act. A reporter interviewed a shark-bit victim — even though the victim had all of his arms and legs intact.  Several “bees” were at the bee hospital, in the baby ward, worrying over whether their children would be drones or worker bees.  An alarm salesman broke into a house, scaring the family to illustrate that they need to buy an alarm system.  George’s solo skits addressed “blue food”, religion, baseball versus football.  This was, and is, the stuff that makes SNL so great on some nights, so lame on others.  George’s show was a hit that has launched a TV legend.

In the chart above t/Saturn at the MC; a structured career presentation.  t/Saturn, MC opposes n/Jupiter; Jupiter and Saturn represent the “business of life” pairing.  George developed his routine based on what had worked in the past (n/Jupiter).  t/Saturn trines n/Saturn in the 6th; This was standard work for George, he just did his thing — nothing special for him, something very special for the audience.  

t/Uranus near the Asc. opposing n/MC: His sharper and more eclectic presentation was in contrast to prior career actions.  Sharpness, more dramatic contrasts were the new order of the day.  “Over the top” was the new normal.

From mid-May to mid-October, the MC had advanced an average of 1.25 degrees per day from 26 Capricorn to 8 Leo.  Six signs of 30 degrees each equals 180 degrees, plus 4 degrees and plus 8 degrees equals 192 degrees.  192 degrees divided by 133 days equals 1.27 degrees per day.  For any day of the solar return year, we can proportion the time span against the 1.25 degrees per day and approximate the correct MC position.  RIYAL software, which is free to download and use, will do all of this work for you.  


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