Just Passing By; Really. How Do You Just Pass By?

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Imagine George Carlin discussing the subject of someone “passing by.”  How do you just pass by?  You jiggled my coffee and you say, “sorry, I was just passing by.”  You don’t offer to buy me another coffee?  You don’t wipe up my wet pants?  I got coffee in my shoe, for cripes sake!

George like to rant.  He was a social critic of subjects both large and small, international as well as local.  Nothing, nobody was off limits. 

Photo George 11

I am going to look at two Progressed Daily Angles charts for George, the first for the day he was discharged from the U.S. Air Force due to being an “unproductive airman” and the next for the day of his passing from our midst.  For me, the theme of “passing by” seems to suit this memoriam piece for George.  He commented upon everything that passed in front of his attention, giving it a unique focus that caused us to briefly think about life in a new way.  We may have only laughed, we may have dismissed it as not being a reflection of ourselves — but of someone else, but we did pay attention for a moment or even longer.

Photo George 12

For all or any of us who are about 25 years of age or older, George was likely part of our “entertainment life.”  So, let’s applaud George once again.

This first chart has been relocated to where he was based as an airman.  He had been subject to disciplinary charges several time during his service, and was finally discharged for being an unproductive airman.  We can attribute may other reasons to that, knowing Georges character.  He probably was not good material for such a structured environment.

George in LA 7-29-1957-J

These types of charts, based on the progression of the Solar Return chart’s angles while showing the days transits and the re-oriented natal chart (inside) emphasize planets at the angles as being the indicators of that day’s events or situation.  n/Sun and n/Mercury are on the Descendant; indicating that his mind and comments (Mercury) and his own self-interests (Sun) were subject to or intertwined with the actions or views of others.  These were in Georges natal chart’s tenth house, so therefore his career and public image was involved.  t/Sun was in the 8th house of unequal sharing and joint responsibilities.  So, this played into that day’s events.

t/Venus at the MC suggests a sense of buoyancy and pleasure for George on this day.  With t/Mercury and t/Pluto close behind we might see a perception of having conned or manipulating behind the scenes (the ninth is the twelfth house of the tenth).  And, with t/Moon ahead of the MC close to n/Neptune, his dreams of having a more nebulous career possibility (less structured than a military environment) was very appealing to him.  n/Mars in the chart’s first house shows his manner of acting and expressing himself was part of the reason for this day’s event.

George 6-22-2008-J

This is the date on which George Carlin passed from this life to another.  Again, we find n/Mercury and n/Sun at the Descendant.  Would this mean that others were also part of this day’s event, was George seeking a different audience to interact with?

t/Saturn at the MC; constraints and responsibility is the issue of the day.  We note that n/Saturn was in his n/ninth house — related to travel, distant places and new ideas.  All of this is appropriate to being told to leave the air force.   We have to look for other things that might point to the “why” of this situation.  t/Saturn squaring n/Mars near the Asc. angle might point to structure being upset by personal actions (n/Mars in n/Fifth).  We might choose to note n/Sun and n/Mercury squaring t/Moon-N.Node-Neptune as not being emotionally/socially stable.   George was passing through on this date.

Remembering that this form of charting is based on a series of “snap shot” (camera-like) views of life, these charts are appropriate.  If we wish to look at broader issues that were part of long-term developments we would look at secondary progressions or other chart forms for those different “views.”  The nature of the chart we use frames the nature of what we can see.    Dave.

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  1. dadsnook says:

    George has passed by us and he left a clue in our minds about the value of taking time in our busy life to not only smell the roses but to ask why should they be mostly red or why don’t we clip of the petals and admire the stems. Shouldn’t they smell different? The process of view everything from a different perspective can bring unique insights into our life. Are you seeing more on your walk through life? Dave


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