Boston In 1962: Old Crime In A Becoming-New City

Boston City Hall Photo

Boston, Massachusetts in 1962 was a city caught in transition; its neighborhood structure followed ethnic lines–Italians in the North End, Irish in the South End, the Anglo-Saxon blue-bloods whose ancestors arrive on the Mayflower in 1620 on Beacon Hill and the western suburbs, the Blacks in Roxbury.  And the north and south suburbs also had their pockets of ethnic clusters.  In 1962 a selection was in process to build a new city hall and government plaza, a symbolic start to reorganizing the city.  The winning design is shown above, a cubical clustering of concrete and glass to represent the new future for Boston.

The neighborhoods were not to change quite as fast.  The Winter Hill Gang ruled “Southey” and corrupted all of Boston, representing the crime family in the state.  Today, in 2013, the head of that crime organization, Whitey Bulger, has been apprehended after hiding out for decades and is now on trial in the new Federal Court House located on the new city waterfront.

DeSalvo photo 1

While the organized crime activity continued in the 1962 Boston, individual crime was also prevalent.  On June 14th, 1962 the first of many rape-strangulations of single women occurred.  Over the next two years the city was terrorized by the man who was to become known as The Boston Strangler.  Albert DeSalvo, a resident of one of Boston’s suburbs, was the person who was responsible; his identity was not known until much later, and was due to his own carelessness.  DeSalvo was born Sept. 3, 1931 at 11:58 AM, in Chelsea, MA.  Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune were all clustered in the Virgo 10th house, the MC being 28 Leo, the Ascendant was at 16 Scorpio.  While celebrity charts are interesting, we can find that ordinary people can sometimes engage in extreme acts, and that these extreme behaviors amplify certain chart factors.  We can more easily learn astrology from these amplified factors.  In the previous postings for George Carlin Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts were used.  In this series of posting I will utilize the Moon-to-Sun Return chart format.


This chart is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 3rd house Return.  The theme for this Return chart is, in part, “. . . open to ideas, curiosity, an interest in those around you.  Taking in news and information for personal use.  An active mind, hands, feet . . .”  This extreme example move us out of the more conventional assumptions for a third house Sun and Moon.  The t/Pluto and t/Moon conjoin natal Neptune, Venus, Sun and Mercury.  Moon/Pluto is associated with an intensification of feelings, emotions and reactions.  The stellium of four natal planets could be seen as confused (Neptune) values (Venus) and intentions (Sun) based on one’s views/thoughts (Mercury) or any other typical keyword grouping.

But, what might be the trigger to the bizarre events that were to follow?  It is always useful to look to the Ascendant to see how one might act, and then to the t/PoF to see how the Ascendant might express itself.  t/PoF opposes t/Mars in the 10th; chance and change will be decided by the type and level of assertiveness expressed to establish one’s public image.  Mars can be brutal and angry.  Note n/Mars near the IC angle, broadly opposed t/Mars.  Now note t/Saturn and n/Saturn; DeSalvo had a Saturn-return the previous year — he was working out his expression of his n/Saturn in the natal 2nd house; what were his values, his chances of establishing self-worth in the tough economic times of the early 1960’s in Boston.  t/Saturn near the Descendant angle involves others in his sense of limitation.  He could have chosen a different way of expressing this t/Saturn at the Desc.,; finding a mentor, following in the footsteps of an older family member, etc.  No, he had to work out his frustrations against others as a means of displacing his responsibilities to himself.  This is an important life lesson that we can draw from Saturn at the 7th angle.  t/N.Node and n/Jupiter are at the Asc., opportunities (Jupiter) to feel good about oneself are related to “others” we associate with (N.Node) and interact with (Asc.).  

So, we have a sense of the theme for this two week period before the t/Moon opposes n/Sun.  Let us now look at an Advanced chart for date of the first rape-strangling.


This chart, for June 14th, 1962, is advanced five days.  The MC’s rate of advance for those five days is 5 degrees, 6 minutes of arc.  The positions of the transiting planets are for those actual positions for June 14th.  We have a chart of progressed/advanced angles, transiting planets and natal planets — all arranged in an altered house setting.  This is what cyclic charts, such as Return charts, do.  They present the natal and transiting planets in a modified house structure which symbolically represents the changed set of circumstances that we have to face.

t/Moon is at the IC and opposing t/Mars at the MC.  Natal Mars was part of a major T-Square of Jupiter = Mars-opp-Uranus.  “One seeks gains through surprise and aggression .  DeSalvo’s needs (Moon) to act/do-something (Mars) somehow triggered this natal pattern of seeking gain through surprising others with one’s actions.  t/PoF trines t/Pluto and n/Neptune — if we want to get into some psychology.  Trines are easy courses of action.  When two other planets are involved, the inner-most planet (in this case the PoF acting on behalf of the Asc.) may alternate between which of the other two trine-planets are used.  So, “chance and change” is achieved through subtrafuge (Neptune) and brutal control (Pluto).  It’s all about the excitement.  He finds a target, tracks the victim-to-be, strikes-rapes-strangles, is satisfied.  

We will follow the bizarre events in this story as it unfolds.  The twists and turns are that which a TV soap-opera would put in its story-line.  Dave.


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