Boston Strangler Victim 13; Unlucky For Everyone

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January in Boston, 1964.  Cold harbor winds slip past the buildings.  People move rapidly from place to subway to place, coat collars drawn high around their faces.  One woman doesn’t quite see who grabs her at the door, doesn’t quite have time to resist, doesn’t really have much time left at all.  She is about to be victim 13 of the Boston Strangler.  Boston had been on edge for almost two years now as the number of young women were found raped and strangled.  The glaring headlines of the newspapers did not know that this string of killings had ended with this tragedy.  This set of Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced charts may be the most unusual I’ve come across.  It is my hope that the ideas that came to me as I drew up these charts remain with me to share as I write these words.

Albert DeSalvo’s Moon-to-Sun Return in the 3rd house occurred on January 3, 1964 and is shown below.  As with all of these charts, the natal planets are shown in the outer wheel, the transits are shown inside.















The t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 3rd house of this Return chart suggests 1) being more alert, open to ideas, questioning.  2) Writing talking, taking in information for processing.  3) Travel, shopping but not necessarily buying.  4) Neighbors and relatives have more of an impact on you at this time.  These are 3rd house considerations, things that the restless mind may be engaged in.  Any Mercury influences will only increase the exposure to ideas and inner questioning relative to the activities about you.

n/Neptune, n/Venus, n/Sun and n/Mercury are all triggered by this Return-Moon.  Delusions, desires, intent, thoughts and plans are all activated by this third-house analytical Moon.  Why is he doing this?  t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) opposes t/Pluto; the process of taking control over another (the victim) is one to questions that are disturbing, momentary pleasure versus deeper meanings of what brings satisfaction (the 3rd to 9th house axis of questions, thoughts, learning)  t/Mars opposing n/Pluto and the Return Ascendant;  The unsaid need to control though physical action against others–this seems to be the obvious meaning of this pattern.  But, consider t/PoF opposite t/Pluto and the 3rd-9th houses.  There seems to be some disturbing thoughts going around in DeSalvo’s mind.

We have looked at the doubled-up Pluto influences.  Now, note the n/Sun-n/Mercury pattern being triggered by the t/Moon — and the t/Sun conjoining t/Mercury pattern in the 6th, close to n/Saturn.  Another doubled up pattern involving one’s intent (Sun) and ones mind/thoughts (Mercury).  For someone who acts with compulsion and anger, there is too much thinking going on.















The rape and killing of the 13th victim of the Boston Strangler occurred on Jan. 4, 1964, the day after the Moon-to-Sun Return.  I’ve often thought that events that occur on or just following a Return chart tend to be more acute.  I do not have statistical evidence of this, but the opinion remains.  This chart will be much like the previous day’s chart, only the t/Moon and t/PoF will move much.   Here, t/Moon moves to conjoin n/Mars, a strong triggering of emotions and a need to act.  Note t/Mars at the Descendant angle opposite n/Pluto — this rage to control others on a personal level is really strong at this time in DeSalvo’s life.  The t/PoF is on the MC; these are both two “points”, not planets.  Yet, I have the sense that the consequences of his plan, his image of savagery that only he can see and know is some how being questioned, being put up to “chance and change.”  What is now so unsatisfying compared to what was so satisfying in the previous murders?

Venus is one component of desire and lust, Mars is another component. t/Venus squares t/Neptune; is the dream, the lust, losing its attractiveness after this large number of dead women?  n/Venus conjoins n/Netune — another doubled up planet pattern.  This shouts to us about the value of the dream.  Something has changed.

Instead of dealing with attitudes, actions, situations and experiences in a hard and fast direct manner, it would seem that these charts are presenting shadows of possibilities, ideas that are hard to grasp.  This posting seems to be taking us away from the paths that we have come to expect for this charting method.

The next posting will cover one of the more bizarre crime twists for a serial murderer, a twist that leads to his uncovering and ultimate demise.  Dave. 


























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